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Kitchen Garden Planner | Preplanned Vegetable Gardens by Gardener's Supply

2009 Jul 6, 3:47Howto make your own garden including pre-made plans like the 'Plant it and Forget it' garden.PermalinkCommentsvia:jen howto diy garden for:hellosarah

WGMX 4 - Zombocalypse on Vimeo

2009 Jun 30, 4:59"Congratulations on not being devoured and purchasing the Wagglemax Zombocalypse TM Survival Kit"PermalinkCommentshumor video commercial ad apocalypse zombie horror for:hellosarah videogame

Renovated Church Home in Kyloe, Northumberland | SwipeLife

2009 Jun 24, 1:41"A nondescript exterior and a yard dominated by headstones give no indication of the residential nature of this historic church in Kyloe, Northumberland. A couple decided to purchase and readapt the structure, investing nearly three times the purchase price into renovations over the course of several years."PermalinkCommentschurch church-home house home england for:hellosarah photo

Mix an Exploding Drink - Wired How-To Wiki

2009 Jun 4, 3:14You've seen the YouTube clips demonstrating the riotous effect of dropping Mentos into Diet Coke. Why not turn the fizzy fun into an epic party prank of your own? Here's our recipe for a little cocktail we call the Manhattan Project.PermalinkCommentsvia:boingboing mentos meme wired humor coke soda howto alcohol drink for:hellosarah

E309: New Super Mario Bros Wii, the trailer

2009 Jun 3, 3:40The New Super Mario Bros for the Wii looks cool. I always wanted the multiplayer featured here in the previous games.PermalinkCommentsfor:hellosarah mario wii nintendo video videogame

308 - The Pop Vs Soda Map - Strange Maps

2009 May 31, 8:29"When on a hot summer's day you buy a carbonated beverage to quench your thirst, how do you order it? Do you ask for a soda, a pop or something else? That question lay at the basis of an article in the Journal of English Linguistics (Soda or Pop?, #24, 1996) and of a map, showing the regional variation in American English of the names given to that type of drink."PermalinkCommentsmap language visualization statistics english culture soda coke for:hellosarah

ComplimentBot 4000 | Refresh for more love

2009 May 31, 7:35"thanks for using the ComplimentBot 4000"PermalinkCommentshumor compliment psychology for:hellosarah

Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death | 2009 Seattle International Film Festival | Nick Park | United Kingdom - Films

2009 May 25, 10:19"Wallace and Gromit return-this time as purveyors of the Top Bun bakery, despite the fact that 12 other local bakers have disappeared in the previous year. Now it's up to Gromit to solve the mystery while Wallace woos new love interest Piella Bakewell."PermalinkCommentshumor movie wallace-and-gromit animation claymation for:hellosarah

Dispatches from the Island: Went to a Castle

2009 May 22, 6:37Famous people are just like me! That is, Jorge Garcia (Hurley from Lost) also has a blog on which he writes about and posts pictures of his visit to the Neuschhwanstein Castle in Munich (the basis of the Disney castle). But apparently unlike me he didn't take the Bus of the Year 2005 to get to the castle.PermalinkCommentsvia:kottke hurley lost tv blog germany for:hellosarah

Foruauto Part-III: introducing Fallout 3, the 70s Japanese cop-drama - Offworld

2009 May 19, 2:09"Today's other best Fallout 3 development: Japan's 'agoministrator' re-imagines the game as a 70s TV drama"PermalinkCommentsfor:hellosarah fallout3 video humor tv

An Extraordinary Home. This 3 ++ bedroom 2.5 bathroom Single Family located at 601 Dolores Street, Mission Dolores, San Francisco, California is presented by John L. Woodruff III & Marcus Miller, MA Realtor/Broker Associates of Hill & Co. Real Estate.

2009 May 19, 1:43Lovely, although a bit out of my price range. "Formerly the Golden Gate Lutheran Church, this stunning Gothic Revival style building is now one of the most extraordinary and largest single family homes in San Francisco."PermalinkCommentsfor:hellosarah photo house home church california san-francisco flickr slideshow via:boingboing church-home

Penny Arcade! - Lend Me Your Ears

2009 May 4, 12:17PermalinkCommentsfor:hellosarah

The Sims 3 gets social network, microtransactions - Ars Technica

2009 May 3, 9:38"The online features for The Sims 3 have been detailed, and it will include a new in-game store for purchasing items as well as a heap of social networking features."PermalinkCommentsfor:hellosarah

Bunny Identity Theft

2009 Apr 13, 1:11These have been popping up all over the internet, but I just had to share them with you in time for Easter. I'll take one of each in my Easter basket!PermalinkCommentscute cat bunny easter photo for:hellosarah

YouTube - PengWIN

2009 Jan 14, 6:10An epic penguin escape!PermalinkCommentspenguin cute whale video youtube for:hellosarah

Chickens stop rabbits from fighting - Boing Boing

2008 Nov 18, 12:26"Peacekeeping chickens don't need tasers to maintain order."PermalinkCommentsbunny cute chicken humor video for:hellosarah

YouTube - Rabbit Rescue

2008 Feb 21, 1:16Amy Sedaris in "Rabbit Rescue". It's a an ad for Office, but it has bunnies in it.PermalinkCommentsamy-sedaris humor bunny youtube video cute office microsoft ad for:hellosarah

YouTube - puppy whistle

2008 Jan 20, 2:51This is Sarah's "favoritest video on the Internet."PermalinkCommentspuppy cute sarah dog video youtube for:hellosarah
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