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A Turing Machine Overview

2010 Mar 28, 4:37Mike Davey builds a Turing Machine drawing ones and zeros on tape. Pretty cool, but the tape length is only finite.PermalinkCommentsfsm turing-machine video technical

Teach the Controversy - Intelligently designed t-shirts urging you to show both sides of every story

2008 Jun 17, 12:32Some of my favs: UFOs creating pyramids, a periodic table of elements consisting of 'Air', 'Water', 'Fire', etc., and satin in overalls burying fossils. I'm surprised by the lack of FSM.PermalinkCommentshumor via:boingboing satire religion science clothing shopping tshirts evolution intelligent-design

reAnimator: Regular Expression FSA Visualizer

2007 Jul 22, 8:38Animated interactive graph of the FSM used to parse any regex and corresponding string you enter.PermalinkCommentsregex flash visualization fsm interactive howto language

YouTube - Flying Spaghetti Monster spotted in Germany

2007 Mar 30, 11:39This is a video of the Flying Spaghetti Monster spotted behind a building in Germany.PermalinkCommentsreligion video humor fsm flying-spaghetti-monster

Open Letter To Kansas School Board at Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

2007 Mar 30, 11:36During the whole intelligent design & evolution thing in Kansas this guy wrote an open letter requesting that they also teach the creation beliefs of his religion as a follower of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.PermalinkCommentsreligion humor politics education fsm flying-spaghetti-monster evolution satire
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