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Microsoft sends flowers to Internet Explorer 6 funeral

2010 Mar 4, 10:58IE team sends flowers to the IE6 funeral. Humorous.
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Announcement | IE6 Funeral

2010 Feb 22, 1:26"Internet Explorer Six, resident of the interwebs for over 8 years, died the morning of March 1, 2010 in Mountain View, California, as a result of a workplace injury sustained at the headquarters of Google, Inc."PermalinkCommentshumor internet ie ie6 web browser funeral microsoft

CW 11 Files Copyright Claim at Improv Everywhere

2009 Apr 15, 7:38The Improv Everywhere's "Best Funeral Ever" April fools prank is reported as news and then runs into copyright issues: "The biggest fools of all were the CW 11 news team who reported on the funeral as if it actually happened... I of course uploaded their story to my personal YouTube channel to show the world their lack of journalism skills. Tonight I got a copyright notice from YouTube informing me that Tribune ... had filed a copyright claim against the video and that it had been removed."PermalinkCommentscopyright humor video prank improv-everywhere funeral via:boingboing

Best Funeral Ever at Improv Everywhere

2009 Apr 1, 9:48"For our latest mission, 30 Improv Everywhere agents found a random funeral in the obituary section of the newspaper and turned it into the best funeral ever... The family, especially the older couple in the middle, were seriously mourning. They seemed to be focusing on the priest and mostly ignoring us. Still, we had to be as serious as we possibly could. If anyone cracked a smile or giggled we would completely ruin the funeral for the family."PermalinkCommentshumor parody video improv-everywhere
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