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Why Did This Work?

2012 Mar 23, 7:05

Do we have a word or phrase to describe the following situation: You code up something complicated and it compiles and works on the first try. You then spend the next ten minutes trying to figure out what's actually broken because it shouldn't be this easy.

Or in meme form:

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Small Brain Slug Headband by ScavengingWoodrats on Etsy

2010 Jul 5, 9:49"This a small crocheted Brain Slug for your favorite Futurama fan!"
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It's official: 'Futurama' is reborn! | News | Ausiello Files | EW.com

2009 Jun 10, 11:55"Six years after getting axed by Fox, Futurama is being resurrected on Comedy Central"PermalinkCommentstv news futurama

YouTube - Futurama: Deadly Deadly Bees

2007 Jun 4, 5:26Music video for Deadly Deadly Bees the lead song from the album based on the Futurama episode The String featuring clips from the episode. (youtube version take down, argh!)PermalinkCommentshumor music futurama video music-video

Atomic Raygun Attack!!

2007 May 24, 9:16Band has free mp3s including album based on the Futurama episode 'The Sting'PermalinkCommentsfuturama music humor video mp3


2007 May 24, 7:04Clip from Futurama featuring Morbo giving a knowledge smack down on windmills. That line makes me laugh everytime. (The funny is at the very end of the clip)PermalinkCommentsfuturama video humor tv windmill morbo

All Hail Robot Nixon : Strk3 : CafePress.com

2007 Mar 24, 1:22A poster suggesting you vote for Robot Nixon (Futurama reference).PermalinkCommentshumor nixon robots poster product futurama wishlist purchase

Futurama's David X. Cohen interview - new episodes 2008.

2006 Dec 13, 12:59This interview with David X Cohen says there are new Futurama episodes coming in 2008. But I want new episodes now!PermalinkCommentsanimation interview news tv futurama david-x-cohen
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