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enochliew: Tetris Street Art by Gaffa gallery Located in Sydney...

2012 Jun 25, 2:40


Tetris Street Art by Gaffa gallery

Located in Sydney on Abercrombie Lane.

I’d get out of there before they form a horizontal line…

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Leaving the IE Team for Windows

2010 Feb 26, 8:40

I'm making a switch from the IE team to the Windows team where I'll be working on the next version of Windows. As a going away surprise Jen and Nick added me to my gallery of Bill Gates (discussed previously). Here's a close up of the photoshopped cover.

Diveristy in Numbers
Diversity Inc Photoshopped Covers

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New Paintings Page: Ward Shelley

2010 Feb 4, 2:07Infographic oil paintings of things like the historical influences of avant garde or the life of Frank Zappa.PermalinkCommentsart design visualization information gallery infographics painting ward-shelley via:infosthetics

Vanjamrgan's Gallery

2009 Nov 29, 1:53Fictional characters with beards. "Bearded: Brock Samson, Bearded: Robocop, Bearded: Hellboy, Bearded: Boba Fett, Bearded: Black Mage, Bearded: Wario, Bearded: Clint Eastwood, Bearded: Batman"
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Offworld Gallery: The games factory, how Mario, Tetris, Sonic, Pong were made | Offworld

2009 Aug 14, 9:58Photos of "...the smelting of Sonic's rings, the chiseling of the 1-Up mushroom, and the rubber-pressed rebounding blocks of Arkanoid."PermalinkCommentsvideogame mario tetris factory photo

the box doodle project //

2008 Dec 31, 2:14Art on boxes: "the rules are quite simple: rearrange a box to make any kind of figure or object. make the most of least."PermalinkCommentsart box design diy paper gallery sculpture doodle illustration

The Weird And Wonderful Tech Art Of ITP's Winter Show

2008 Dec 29, 2:45Cool tech art projects from ITP.PermalinkCommentsart education itp nyc via:thefangmonster gizmodo photo gallery

20x200: Our Story

2008 Dec 29, 2:26Some interesting work in here: "On a Sunday night back in January, Jen came up with a formula: (limited editions x low prices) + the internet = art for everyone"PermalinkCommentsart gift purchase wishlist gallery online photo shop via:thefangmonster

Weekend Dinners: Old friends, Old library

2008 Oct 7, 12:21

Last Thursday I saw a bunch of college friends that I hadn't seen in a while, despite all of us working at Microsoft, and Saul and Ciera who were visiting. We had dinner at Typhoon! which I haven't been to in quite a while. Daniil and Val brought their cute child. I got to see Charlie and Matt who I'm not sure I've seen since my 25th birthday. There was much nerdiness. I need to remember to organize such a night myself sometime in near future so I don't have to wait another year to see them.

Carnegie's Public Library in Ballard Seattle is now a restaurant.On the weekend Sarah and I went out to dinner at Carnegie's, a former public library in Ballard, Seattle that's now a restaurant. I saw the restaurant's website in Matt's delicious links and thought it looked interesting. The exterior and entryway look like a public library, but just inside its redone as a sort of modern version of french classical with a bar and two dining rooms. No pictures since my replacement camera only arrived today, but there are photos available. They serve french cuisine which was good and not as expensive as I would have expected. An interesting place, although its a bit of a drive and I'm not sure if we'll be going back soon.

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2008 Sep 30, 10:46A rogue group of knitters 'tag' public objects and places with knit pieces. See thier gallery. "tag crew of knitters, bombing the inner city with vibrant, stitched works of art, wrapped around everything from beer bottles on easy nights to public monuments and utility poles on more ambitious outings."PermalinkCommentshumor art graffiti streetart knit cultural-disobediance

PingMag - The Tokyo-based magazine about "Design and Making Things" - Archive - ZEVS: Visual Kidnapping

2008 Aug 14, 4:52"French street artist ZEVS ... now also has a home in the art world and had his first exhibition in Asia: Postcapitalism Kidnapping at Hong Kong-based gallery Art Statements, documenting how ZEVS cleverly distorts the logos of big brands. For PingMag, he explains their visual power."PermalinkCommentsgraffiti culture art cultural-disobediance interview streetart guerilla


2008 Jul 22, 11:02Gallery of nice website backgroundsPermalinkCommentsbackground web webdesign free gallery graphic via:swannman

Roq La Rue Gallery - Pop Surrealism and Underground Contemporary Art

2008 Jul 10, 8:22In Seattle. "We have been an integral part of the Lowbrow/Pop Surrealism art movement since opening in 1998, and continue to exhibit established artists in the genre as well as fostering emerging artists, many of whom have gone on to make strong impacts iPermalinkCommentsseattle art

Hitler's Diary and Hermann Goering's Yacht - FRONT PAGE - How Markus makes $15k a day from free dating site Plentyoffish

2008 May 19, 11:54Forged fake art: "After being released from prison in 1988, Kujau opened a gallery in Stuttgart where he sold 'authentic fakes'... In fact, his work became so popular that other forgers began to create forged copies of Kujau's forgeries."PermalinkCommentsart fraud history via:boingboing.comments konrad-kujau

PicLens | Immersive Views Across the Web

2008 Apr 29, 10:59A browser plugin that does an 'immersive 3d photo gallery' thing. Its neat looking but otherwise not sure how useful it is. However, they also provide an easy to use .js file that lets you easily do a lite javascript version of their gallery (no 3d but nPermalinkCommentsfree gallery photo tool browser plugin web piclens 3d


2008 Feb 2, 6:06Photos of abandoned industrial plants.PermalinkCommentsvia:rjoseph photo photos photography architecture gallery abandoned art


2007 Dec 19, 10:37Social website for sharing color schemes... Useful?PermalinkCommentsvia:swannman design color webdesign web generator gallery social

Strictly No Photography

2007 Dec 10, 1:21A photo gallery of photos taken in places in which one should not take photos.PermalinkCommentsvia:felix42 photo photography photos law IP legal copyright art community

Cute animals

2007 Oct 1, 11:21Japanese site of cute animal photos.PermalinkCommentsphoto photos animal cat gallery

OS-Tan - Gallery: Lamest Technology Mascots Ever (Wired)

2007 May 2, 1:00Apparently there's something called OS-tan in which Windows OSes are represented as anime styled characters. Very odd.PermalinkCommentsarticle os-tan humor images weird anime
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