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2016 Dec 2, 2:07
XSS: the game 

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2016 Jun 5, 3:55
I finished WebDriverChess : Two webdriver supporting browsers play a friendly game of chess.

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2016 Apr 28, 4:14
Coincidentally YouTuber on hacking dispute res by incl IP from diff large companies in same video 

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2016 Feb 11, 6:46
Somebody please make this text based game a reality. …

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2016 Feb 8, 5:09
The reason Spider-Man was not in Civil War teaser.

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2016 Jan 24, 10:25
I sure missed these guys.

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2016 Jan 22, 5:43
This is becoming increasingly more relevant as high quality games/apps move to #html5 …#html5games #webGL

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2016 Jan 11, 6:26
I demand a new Katamari game for Xbox One. please.

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2015 Dec 30, 2:35
More of my daughter's concept art brought to life. Life pro tip: Make games with your kids.

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2015 Oct 29, 8:16
Starting at midnight, prepare for this Halloween's most terrifying horror game: TWITCH INSTALLS LINUX. 

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2015 Aug 18, 10:23
RL point & click adv game via Twitter gets man out of hole. Use shirt on dog. Use dog on umbrella. Use leash on shirt …

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2015 Aug 13, 4:02
Watch GTA5 player's game get hacked by back rubbing, multiplying, exploding troll. …

laughingsquid: Live Band Performs ‘Mario Kart’ Song as Man...

2015 May 27, 3:11


Live Band Performs ‘Mario Kart’ Song as Man Races Down the Video Game Track


laughingsquid: A Real Hedgehog Scurries Along to Music From the...

2015 Apr 23, 1:17


A Real Hedgehog Scurries Along to Music From the ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Video Game While Collecting Golden Rings


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2015 Mar 26, 9:13
How Punch-Out save game passwords work, including bugs …

Tweet from David_Risney

2015 Jan 28, 3:09
Speedrunner Stephen Kiazyk demos Psychonauts bugs to dev team incl Tim Schafer … Funny reactions from the game's devs

newsycombinator: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Game – 30th Anniversary Edition

2015 Jan 27, 8:31
Hacker News @newsycombinator :
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Game – 30th Anniversary Edition …

Quadrilateral Cowboy gameplay video “Quadrilateral Cowboy...

2014 Oct 6, 2:41

Quadrilateral Cowboy gameplay video

“Quadrilateral Cowboy is a game we’ve been watching with great interest ever since Thirty Flights Of Loving creator Brendon Chung first debuted it last year. It’s about hacking, but not via irritating minigames or jargon-your-problems-away Hollywood magic. Instead, you learn basic (albeit fictional) code and take down everything from laser grids to gun emplacements with a twitch of your fingers and a wriggle of your brain. It’s already an extremely clever game, and it’s quite empowering despite the fact that you play as someone who probably couldn’t even heft an assault rifle - let alone fire one. Basically, it’s a wonderfully novel idea - more Neuromancer than Deus Ex - but words only do it so much justice. Thus, I’ve decided to play it for your enrichment, in hopes that you will understand why Quadrilateral should be driving your radar haywire.”

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Fish vs Fish in Street Fighter II

2014 Aug 20, 6:22

Fish vs Fish in Street Fighter II - Computer vision translates the location of two fish in an aquarium into SF2 moves.

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Gamers Messed With The Steam Sale, Then Valve Changed The Rules

2014 Jun 24, 3:51

Applied game theory 101: Valve’s Steam Summer Sale involves a meta game with teams of Steam users competing for daily prizes. On Reddit the players join together to take turns winning daily. Valve gets wise and performs an existential attack, changing the rules to make it harder for players to want to coordinate.

Still, that all the players joined together to game the system gives me hope for humanity. Its a self organized solution to a tragedy of the commons problem. Only in this case the tragedy is by design and is updated to be more tragic.

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