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Gamers Messed With The Steam Sale, Then Valve Changed The Rules

2014 Jun 24, 3:51

Applied game theory 101: Valveā€™s Steam Summer Sale involves a meta game with teams of Steam users competing for daily prizes. On Reddit the players join together to take turns winning daily. Valve gets wise and performs an existential attack, changing the rules to make it harder for players to want to coordinate.

Still, that all the players joined together to game the system gives me hope for humanity. Its a self organized solution to a tragedy of the commons problem. Only in this case the tragedy is by design and is updated to be more tragic.

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Steven Pinker on the myth of violence | Video on

2010 Feb 1, 8:39"Steven Pinker charts the decline of violence from Biblical times to the present, and argues that, though it may seem illogical and even obscene, given Iraq and Darfur, we are living in the most peaceful time in our species' existence." Working up towards Forever Peace?PermalinkCommentsvideo history violence culture ted steven-pinker game-theory

Game Theory in The Dark Knight: the opening scene (spoilers) - Mind Your Decisions by Presh Talwalkar

2009 Feb 10, 11:22Game theory analysis of the opening scene of Dark Knight.PermalinkCommentsgame-theory analysis economics movie batman

Divination - A New Perspective - JSTOR: American Anthropologist, New Series, Vol. 59, No. 1 (Feb., 1957 ), pp. 69-74

2008 Jul 9, 5:37Moore proposes magical divination fills function of generating random outcomes. E.g. shaman reading cracks in caribou bones determines where to hunt avoiding over hunting particular areas or the game picking up hunters patterns. Wish this wasn't pay site.PermalinkCommentsrandom game-theory anthropology divination magic

Given a choice between two options, you influence the result by adding a third, inferior, alternative (The Old New Thing)

2007 Apr 23, 1:31As noted in the title, an interesting result from researchers who find that a third result which is clearly worse than the two other options will influence people picking from those two.PermalinkCommentsarticle raymond-chen business game-theory decoy-effect
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