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Packagetrackr - Package Tracking Service - UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT and more

2008 Dec 30, 1:40Packagetrackr is like the isnoop tool but with IE8 integration. Its universal tracking across UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc., shows progress on a map, has RSS feed you can subscribe to telling you about the package's progress, and also added support for IE8's accelerator and webclips. Snazzy. Still want georss markup in the feed though.PermalinkCommentsgeo google map ups visualization mashup rss package shipping feed tool fedex usps tracker track accelerator webclip universal package tracking

2008 May 6, 12:12Get Google Map display of and RSS feed of your package progress via UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc package tracking. I was looking for an RSS feed to do this but I didn't think of Google Map integration. Neat idea. He should do georss in the RSS feed too.PermalinkCommentsgeo google map rss package UPS visualization mashup

Juanita Beach Visit and Map

2008 Mar 7, 3:26PermalinkCommentsmap photo personal fish-and-chips juanita-beach

GML | GeoRSS :: Geographically Encoded Objects for RSS feeds

2008 Mar 4, 12:27A description of GeoRSS: "Geography Markup Language (GML) is an XML grammar written in XML Schema for the modelling, transport, and storage of geographic information"PermalinkCommentsgeorss rss feed atom geo reference standards xml

Ogle Earth: Drawing in Google Maps vs drawing in Live Local: Which is better?

2008 Mar 4, 11:01Google's My Maps: "And now, this morning, Google has updated its Maps product yet again, adding "My Maps", user-generated collections of annotated placemarks, lines, and polygons."PermalinkCommentsgoogle map microsoft live georss blog article

Google Maps shows double image with flickr GeoRSS - Google Maps API | Google Groups

2008 Mar 4, 11:00You can paste the Flickr GeoRSS feed's URI into Google Map search (or any GeoRSS feed) and have the feed displayed on Google Maps.PermalinkCommentsrss georss google maps flickr

Virtual Earth / Live Maps: New Version of Live Search Maps Launches!

2008 Mar 4, 10:57Live Maps supports exporting collections you make in Live Maps as a GeoRSS feed. That's neat, but what I want to do is add my flickr GeoRSS feed to a collection in Live Maps...PermalinkCommentsgeorss live microsoft maps blog article
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