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2015 Nov 11, 3:03
This face is the average of inanimate objects that look like faces:

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2015 Nov 3, 8:49
And how do I express that I wouldn't care if they changed ❤ into 💩? … …

How To Save $US148 On An iPod Touch | Gizmodo Australia

2010 Mar 4, 3:06PermalinkCommentsipod humor bid photo

Essential Android Apps - - Gizmodo

2009 Dec 12, 12:56Gizmodo has a list of some excellent Android apps. Includes an OpenTable app, Flixster, and others. But doesn't mention the Aldiko, the ebook reader I like.PermalinkCommentsreference android g1 cellphone app

Every College Student Should Just Buy a Typewriter - Typewriters - Gizmodo

2009 Dec 11, 5:13"A real true history lesson: Before there were laptops, everyone had to carry entire desktop computers to class. Before there were desktops, they had to lug typewriters. Before that, everyone just tried real hard to remember stuff. Ask your grandparents!"PermalinkCommentshumor typewriter satire laptop college

Apple Admits British Man Invented iPod in 1979, Uses Him to Win Patent Lawsuit - Apple - Gizmodo

2009 Jul 16, 3:28"I was up a ladder painting when I got the call from a lady with an American accent from Apple saying she was the head of legal affairs and that they wanted to acknowledge the work that I had done"
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The Weird And Wonderful Tech Art Of ITP's Winter Show

2008 Dec 29, 2:45Cool tech art projects from ITP.PermalinkCommentsart education itp nyc via:thefangmonster gizmodo photo gallery

Bloody Xmas: Macabre Plush Toys Are Perfect Xmas Gift for Future Psychokillers

2008 Dec 29, 12:06Too bad I missed these before Christmas: "Why buy a stupid Elmo when you can permanently disturb that young mind with a cute knitted plush rabbit killed with a giant carrot? Or a beautiful tiger eating some human remains? I love these."PermalinkCommentshumor death macabre stuffed-animals toy gizmodo via:jen-johnston gift

G1 Android Phone

2008 Nov 9, 11:29

T-Mobile G1 Wallpapers by romainguy
I finally replaced my old regular cell-phone which was literally being held together by a rubber band with a fancy new G1, my first Internet accessible phone.

I had to call the T-Mobile support line to get data added to my plan and the person helping me was disconcertingly friendly. She asked about my weekend plans and so I felt compelled to ask her the same. Her plans involved replacing her video card so she could get back to World of Warcraft and do I enjoy computer gaming? I couldn't tell if she was genuine or if she was signing me up for magazines.

I was with Sarah in her new car, trying out the phone's GPS functionality via Google Maps while she drove. I switched to Street View and happened to find my car. It was a weird feeling, kind of like those Google conspiracy videos.

The phone runs Google's open source OS and I really enjoy the application API. Its all in Java and URIs and mime-types are sort of basics. Rather than invoking the builtin item picker control directly you invoke an 'intent' specifying the URI of your list of items, a mime-type describing the type of items in the list, and an action 'PICK' and whatever is registered as the picker on the system pops up and lets the user pick from that list. The same goes if you want to 'EDIT' an image, or 'VIEW' an mp3.

I wanted to replace the Google search box gadget that appears on the home screen with my own search box widget that uses OpenSearch descriptors but apparently in the current API you can't make home screen gadgets without changing parts of the OS. My other desired application is something to replace this GPS photo tracker device by recording my location to a file and an additional program on my computer to apply those locations to photos.

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Xbox Achievements for Everyday Life

2008 Sep 16, 7:54

I just upgraded to the Zune 3.0 software which includes games and purchasing music on the Zune via WiFi and once again I'm thrilled that the new firmware is available for old Zunes like mine. Rooting around looking at the new features I noticed Zune Badges for the first time. They're like Xbox Achievements, for example I have a Pixies Silver Artist Power Listener award for listening to the Pixies over 1000 times. I know its ridiculous but I like it, and now I want achievements for everything.

Achievements everywhere would require more developments in self-tracking. Self-trackers, folks who keep statistics on exactly when and what they eat, when and how much they exercise, anything one may track about one's self, were the topic of a Kevin Kelly Quantified Self blog post (also check out Cory Doctorow's SF short story The Things that Make Me Weak and Strange Get Engineered Away featuring a colony of self-trackers). For someone like me with a medium length attention span the data collection needs to be completely automatic or I will lose interest and stop collecting within a week. For instance, Nike iPod shoes that keep track of how many steps the wearer takes. I'll also need software to analyze, display, and share this data on a website like Mycrocosm. I don't want to have to spend extreme amounts of time to create something as wonderful as the Feltron Report (check out his statistic on how many daily measurements he takes for the report). Once we have the data we can give out achievements for everything!

Achievements for Everyday Life
Eat at least ten different kinds of animals.
Make Friends
Meet at least 10% of the residents in your home town.
Visit a city in every country.
You're Old
Survive at least 80 years of life.

Of course none of the above is practical yet, but how about Delicious achievements based on the public Delicious feeds? That should be doable...

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Bill of Rights Security Edition - Gizmodo

2008 Feb 18, 6:09zfrechette: "metal plates printed with the bill of rights. when you go through a metal detector they go off, and your rights are taken away."PermalinkCommentshumor legal politics travel bill-of-rights gizmodo via:zfrechette product

Zune Software Update

2007 Nov 19, 3:47PermalinkCommentsmicrosoft technical music zune social

First-Gen Zune Getting All The New Features: This is How You Treat Your Customers - Gizmodo

2007 Oct 3, 6:18The new Zune features are available to existing Zune owners via software upgrade. Awesome!PermalinkCommentszune microsoft mp3 news sharing upgrade

Headsets: Plantronics Voyager 855 Bluetooth Headset Does Mono Calls and Stereo Music - Gizmodo

2007 Sep 11, 11:17A headset that allows you to switch between a bluetooth phone and music.PermalinkCommentsproduct headphone music headset phone plantronics bluetooth purchase

Tesla's Motorized Pink Bunny Slippers: The Fast and the Furry-ous - Gizmodo

2007 May 21, 2:49Little go carts disguised as giant bunny slippers.PermalinkCommentshumor technology slippers bunny car

Inflatable Human Beach Ball - Gizmodo

2007 Mar 16, 4:30A giant inflatable floating ball that you sit inside of.PermalinkCommentscool toys water humor beach-ball
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