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Instaviz: Graph Sketching for your iPhone

2009 Jan 15, 8:00Cool application that turns your sketches into graphs. I wonder if this can ever come to my phone? "Sketch a rough shape with your finger and Instaviz transforms what you drew in a split second. Sketch a link between two shapes and Instaviz quickly redraws the graph with the best layout."PermalinkCommentsgraph visualization iphone graphviz phone software application development

The igraph library for complex network research

2008 Nov 5, 3:55A graphing library which includes variaous graph visualization algorithms. GNU licensed. "igraph is a free software package for creating and manipulating undirected and directed graphs. It includes implementations for classic graph theory problems like minimum spanning trees and network flow, and also implements algorithms for some recent network analysis methods, like community structure search."PermalinkCommentsreference free development programming visualization graph math library opensource c++ igraph graphviz via:mattb

Large-scale RDF Graph Visualization Tools - AI3:::Adaptive Information

2008 Jan 30, 2:01Lots of links to tools to help visualize RDF graphs. Referenced tools aren't necessarily restricted to visualizing RDF graphs -- at least some visualize plain old graphs like GraphViz (Yay for GraphViz!).PermalinkCommentsvia:ethan_t_hein rdf graph visualization tools


2005 Mar 27, 6:43Source and Binaries to create graph images in various formats from various formatsPermalinkCommentsgraph development graphviz
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