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2016 Jan 18, 12:11
.@alanmyang with my favorite line at Critics' Choice: pic.twitter.com/soQaFBkx87

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2015 Jul 26, 10:32
*whistling inconspicuously" “@YenitaLibre: “@labaume_de: RT @inthemoodfortw: pic.twitter.com/dmH5VMv2f6”// Usted y me.”

laughingsquid: Testing People’s Reaction Times With a Ruler in...

2013 Jul 5, 3:05


Testing People’s Reaction Times With a Ruler in Super Slow Motion

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Words with Hints Windows 8 App Development Notes

2013 Jul 4, 1:00

My second completed app for the Windows Store was Words with Hints a companion to Words with Friends or other Scrabble like games that gives you *ahem* hints. You provide your tiles and optionally letters placed in a line on the board and Words with Hints gives you word options.

I wrote this the first time by building a regular expression to check against my dictionary of words which made for a slow app on the Surface. In subsequent release of the app I now spawn four web workers (one for each of the Surface's cores) each with its own fourth of my dictionary. Each fourth of the dictionary is a trie which makes it easy for me to discard whole chunks of possible combinations of Scrabble letters as I walk the tree of possibilities.

The dictionaries are large and takes a noticeable amount of time to load on the Surface. The best performing mechanism I found to load them is as JavaScript source files that simply define their portion of the dictionary on the global object and synchronously (only on the worker so not blocking the UI thread). Putting them into .js files means they take advantage of bytecode caching making them load faster. However because the data is mostly strings and not code there is a dramatic size increase when the app is installed. The total size of the four dictionary .js files is about 44Mb. The bytecode cache for the dictionary files is about double that 88Mb meaning the dictionary plus the bytecode cache is 132Mb.

To handle the bother of postMessage communication and web workers this was the first app in which I used my promise MessagePort project which I'll discuss more in the future.

This is the first app in which I used the Microsoft Ad SDK. It was difficult to find the install for the SDK and difficult to use their website, but once setup, the Ad SDK was easy to import into VS and easy to use in my app.

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2008 Nov 23, 9:34The folks who made the awesome inforgraphic music video for Royksopp's 'Remind Me' has it as well as a bunch of their other videos on the site.PermalinkCommentsvia:swannman visualization music video music-video art advertising design animation france

Dancing Yellow Robot

2007 Aug 17, 6:33PermalinkCommentskeepon youtube video personal cute robot nontechnical

Chicken Roundup

2007 Jul 11, 3:52PermalinkCommentsroundup video personal chicken humor nontechnical

YouTube - Areva

2007 Jul 4, 11:03By H5 the same group who did the Royksopp, Remind Me infographic videoPermalinkCommentsh5 music video music-video commercial areva funkytown information visualization
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