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2016 Sep 6, 10:47
Oh My God. This report is such a troll. Hackers cleverly hid their searching of network shares using "SMB protocol"

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2016 Apr 26, 4:07
I *totally* consider my IUD a cyborg implant. http://fusion.net/story/294770/women-body-hackers/ 

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2016 Feb 12, 1:52
I want to live in a world where coding is as awesome as it appears in the movies #Hackers #NeedASkateboard pic.twitter.com/ai1JkrarTH

Tweet from David_Risney

2015 Nov 30, 11:41
History of Hackers including great interviews http://www.slashfilm.com/hackers-oral-history …

Tweet from David_Risney

2015 Sep 16, 8:50
Interview with director & hackers wrt Hackers 20th anniversary http://passcode.csmonitor.com/hackers 

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2015 Aug 16, 8:13
Ok, Hackers watching party on September 15.

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2015 Aug 16, 8:05
The movie "Hackers" was released 20 years ago tomorrow. Here is the theatrical trailer which punked theater goers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-H3YnCcrM0 …

Tweet from David_Risney

2015 Jul 21, 12:59
"Chrysler’s patch must be manually implemented via a USB stick". Maybe hire the hackers to help you out with OTA updates.

On exploiting security issues in botnet C&C...

2014 Jun 23, 4:26

On exploiting security issues in botnet C&C software:

Hackers “are learning that it’s not so easy to write secure code,” Toro says. “Most of us in the business of securing our applications and systems know that bulletproofing software is an extremely expensive and exhaustive undertaking. Malware creators who have to look to their own defences would have to slow down the production of new attacks.”

FYI, if you want to know what it looks like when you hack a hacker, look no further than the seminal 1995 film Hackers.

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eclecticmethod: Hackers

2013 Apr 13, 1:57


You don’t use the same password over and over right? Let’s be honest this is the day and age of the hacker. Eclectic Method brings you “Hackers” , Hollywood’s celebration of basement dwelling 128 bit encryption masters. They’ll shut down before you can trace them, hack into the mainframe…

Hack the planet!

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NICT Daedalus Cyber-attack alert system #DigInfo (by...

2012 Jun 20, 3:23

NICT Daedalus Cyber-attack alert system #DigInfo (by Diginfonews)

Someone has been watching too much Ghost in the Shell. I’d say someone has been watching too much Hackers but this actually looks cooler than their visualizations and also you can never watch too much of Hackers.

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LulzSec manifesto: "We screw each other over for a jolt of satisfaction"

2011 Jun 20, 2:09"Why did the hackers at Lulz Security ("LulzSec") invade Sony Pictures websites, take down cia.gov, and release 60,000+ e-mail addresses and passwords? For the lulz, of course—but what might look lulzy to one person could certainly enrage another. In honor of its 1,000th tweet, the witty wankers of LulzSec released a manifesto of sorts, defending their actions to the angry Internets."PermalinkCommentsinternet security privacy hack technical

McAfee Security Insights Blog » Blog Archive » Operation “Aurora” Hit Google, Others

2010 Jan 20, 8:26McAfee on the China v Google attack.PermalinkCommentshack hackers security google browser web ie china microsoft malware ie6 technical

Amateur Time Hackers Play With Atomic Clocks at Home

2007 Dec 12, 9:21Article on amateur atomic clock enthusiastsPermalinkCommentsclock time wired geek technology science atomic-clock article via:boingboing

Ex College Roommate News

2007 Nov 9, 2:38Jon's leaving for Germany today which of course is sad. On Wednesday, Jon came over and we watched Hackers. There's a few things you probably wouldn't notice without repeated viewings of the film: In similar ex college roommate news, I'm going to California over the weekend for Angie and Kane's goodbye party. They're heading for Australia for like a year or something. Angie's got a blog about her travels but rarely seems to update it. I'll get to see Carissa and Elijah there too, almost completing the ex college roommate experience. To avoid confusion I should mention that unlike everyone else I know, Carissa and Elijah aren't leaving the country.PermalinkCommentspersonal nontechnical

Enough With The Rainbow Tables: What You Need To Know About Secure Password Schemes

2007 Sep 11, 12:01PermalinkCommentshack hackers crypto cryptography security blog article hash password authentication via:swannman

IEEE Spectrum: The Athens Affair

2007 Jul 14, 12:15How hackers bugged the largest Greek cell provider and listened to government and military officials.PermalinkCommentsarticle ieee cellphone phone conspiracy hack hackers politics privacy security

1337 Haxxors (Acceptable TV)

2007 Apr 1, 3:12Fake television show about hackers. Lots of 1337 humor.PermalinkCommentscode hackers humor video

Documentary: New York City Hackers (Video) - Google Video

2006 Jul 30, 4:56Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you. But you may still come of as a jerk.PermalinkCommentsdocumentary hack hackers new-york google video
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