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Tweet from Benedict Evans

2016 May 11, 12:54
‘Which VR headset do you have?

The Old New Thing : Can I talk to that William fellow? He was so helpful

2009 Nov 23, 11:47'Bill Gates is being taken on a guided tour of the product support department's new office building...Bill puts on a headset, sits down, and answers the phone. "Hello, this is Microsoft Product Support, William speaking. How can I help you?"'PermalinkCommentshumor microsoft bill-gates raymond-chen support history

Martian Headsets - Joel on Software

2008 Mar 19, 11:30Excellent rant on the history and state of IE8's decision to default to super-standards mode vs IE7 mode.PermalinkCommentsbrowser internet browser-war ie microsoft history w3c standard standards html css joel-on-software

ThinkGeek :: ThinkGeek Bluetooth Retro Handset

2007 Dec 11, 11:13A bluetooth handset that's like a retro headset.PermalinkCommentsshopping retro headset bluetooth phone cellphone

Headsets: Plantronics Voyager 855 Bluetooth Headset Does Mono Calls and Stereo Music - Gizmodo

2007 Sep 11, 11:17A headset that allows you to switch between a bluetooth phone and music.PermalinkCommentsproduct headphone music headset phone plantronics bluetooth purchase

REVIEW: Anycom Blue Stereo Headset BSH-100 | Tux:Tops

2006 Sep 14, 10:18PermalinkCommentsanycom article bluetooth review headset phone mp3 ipod audio
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