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GoBack/GoForward in Win10 UWP WebView

2018 Oct 23, 9:18

The GoBack and GoForward methods on the UWP WebView (x-ms-webview in HTML, Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.WebView in XAML, and Windows.Web.UI.Interop.WebViewControl in Win32) act the same as the Back and Forward buttons in the Edge browser. They don't necessarily change the top level document of the WebView. If inside the webview an iframe navigates then that navigation will be recorded in the forward/back history and the GoBack / GoForward call may result in navigating that iframe. This makes sense as an end user using the Edge browser since if I click a link to navigate one place and then hit Back I expect to sort of undo that most recent navigation regardless of if that navigation happened in an iframe or the top level document.

If that doesn't make sense for your application and you want to navigate forward or back ignoring iframe navigates, unfortunately there's no perfect workaround.

One workaround could be to try calling GoBack and then checking if a FrameNavigationStarting event fires or a NavigationStarting event fires. If a frame navigates then try calling GoBack again. There could be async races in this case since other navigates could come in and send you the wrong signal and interrupt your multi step GoBack operation.

You could also try keeping track of all top level document navigations and manually navigate back to the URIs you care about. However, GoBack and GoForward also restore some amount of user state (form fills etc) in addition to navigating. Manually calling navigate will not give this same behavior.

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Tweet from David Risney

2016 Jun 6, 10:37
History & design of the biohazard symbol ☣: http://99percentinvisible.org/article/biohazard-symbol-designed-to-be-memorable-but-meaningless/  Creator sends angry letter over sartorial usage

Retweet of KernelMag

2016 Jan 16, 6:11
An oral history of A Special Thing, with @JimmyPardo & @ScottAukerman: http://trib.al/eIKf1DA  pic.twitter.com/W8dPw9cYt2

Tweet from David_Risney

2015 Nov 30, 11:41
History of Hackers including great interviews http://www.slashfilm.com/hackers-oral-history …

Tweet from David_Risney

2015 Oct 7, 10:17
An interesting history of car manufactures cheating emissions tests: http://arstechnica.com/cars/2015/10/volkswagens-emissions-cheating-scandal-has-a-long-complicated-history/ …

Retweet of verge

2015 Apr 2, 6:22
Max Headroom: the definitive history of the 1980s digital icon http://theverge.com/e/8049180  pic.twitter.com/ZRLbVJrRBO

Houston, We Have A Public Domain Problem

2014 Jun 24, 3:18

A bogus SoundCloud takedown anecdote and a brief history of and issues with US copyright law.

Another reminder that the rest of the Western world has a public domain day every year in which new IP enters the public domain

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gitfiti - github contributions pane pixel art

2014 Jun 2, 8:07

gitfiti - abusing github commit history for the lulz

A script that abuses github submissions to draw pixel art in your github contributions pane.

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Internet Archive lets you play one of the earliest computer...

2014 Apr 28, 9:39

Internet Archive lets you play one of the earliest computer games Space War! emulated in JavaScript in the browser.

This entry covers the historical context of Space War!, and instructions for working with our in-browser emulator. The system doesn’t require installed plugins (although a more powerful machine and recent browser version is suggested).

The JSMESS emulator (a conversion of the larger MESS project) also contains a real-time portrayal of the lights and switches of a Digital PDP-1, as well as links to documentation and manuals for this $800,000 (2014 dollars) minicomputer.

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theatlantic: Victorian Trolling: How Con Artists Spammed in a...

2013 Oct 29, 7:42


Victorian Trolling: How Con Artists Spammed in a Time Before Email

The main difference between 21st-century scams and those of centuries past is one of delivery method.

Read more. [Image: Wikimedia Commons/Benjamin Breen]

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Phone Buttons - Numberphile (by numberphile)

2013 Aug 30, 5:47

Phone Buttons - Numberphile (by numberphile)

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Sci-fi short stories disguised as Internet docs

2013 May 29, 2:48
The recent short story Twitter API returning results that do not respect arrow of time by Tim May written as a Twitter bug report reminded me of a few other short sci-fi stories written in the style of some sort of Internet document:
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“Jon Hamm And Adam Scott’s ‘greatest Event In Tv History’...

2012 Oct 12, 8:41

Jon Hamm And Adam Scott’s ‘greatest Event In Tv History’ Was A Tribute To A Forgotten ’80s Classic
If you know more about Simon and Simon than its intro and general premise, you’re better at TV than I am. If you’ve never heard of Simon and Simon, you’re the BEST at TV because, honestly, Simon & Simon — a CBS series about two mismatched brothers who ran a private detective service; it ran for eight seasons — wasn’t good.

Source: Uproxx

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laughingsquid: The Curious Government of the City of London...

2012 Sep 21, 6:10


The Curious Government of the City of London (not to be confused with London)

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theatlantic: How the 8.5” x 11” Piece of Paper Got Its...

2012 Sep 19, 6:37


How the 8.5” x 11” Piece of Paper Got Its Size

Why do we use a paper size that is so unfriendly for the basic task of reading? According to a very interesting post by Paul Stanley, the rough dimensions of office paper evolved to accommodate handwriting and typewriters with monospaced fonts, both of which rendered many fewer characters per line. “Typewriters,” he explains, “produced 10 or 12 characters per inch: so on (say) 8.5 inch wide paper, with 1 inch margins, you had 6.5 inches of type, giving … around 65 to 78 characters.” This, he says, is “pretty close to ideal.”

Read more. [Image: Picsfive/Shutterstock]

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Alexandria 2.0: One Millionaire's Quest to Build the Biggest Library on Earth | Threat Level | Wired.com

2012 Aug 21, 7:00

Brief history and scope of the Internet Archive.

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idrawnintendo: Game Jinn.

2012 Aug 8, 1:08


Game Jinn.

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(via An Unexpected Ass Kicking (joelrunyon.com))

2012 Aug 6, 4:08

(via An Unexpected Ass Kicking (joelrunyon.com))

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laughingsquid: Nope. Nik Tesla.

2012 Jul 16, 7:38


Nope. Nik Tesla.

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Worms Revolution developer diary gets everything wet | Joystiq

2012 Jun 30, 2:55

Brief history of Worms and info on the next entry in the series.

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