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2016 Jan 11, 7:41
As a native speaker of several dialects of computer, the idea this = natural language proficiency is horseshit. …

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2015 Sep 22, 9:35

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2015 Mar 9, 11:56
More about the attack on the developer tools: …

DrPizza: <- my reaction when there are new hats.

2015 Jan 27, 9:00
Peter Bright        ✔ @DrPizza : … <- my reaction when there are new hats.

Gangnam Style looks like he’s riding a horse but actually...

2012 Aug 24, 1:29

Gangnam Style looks like he’s riding a horse but actually its satire.

Also, the making of video:

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Star Trek: TNG Season 8 illustration has us longing for more [Star Trek]

2012 Mar 5, 3:17

Fictional plot summaries of TNG S8 episodes.    Like:

  • Q’s back: he’s wearing scuba gear and needs Picard’s help dumping his girlfriend. Barclay accidentally locks himself outside the ship.
  • Geordie and Data nurse a space bird back to health, and are sad when they have to release it. Picard is trapped in a turbolift with a baby.
  • Starfleet sends a cantankerous admiral to boss around Picard during delicate peace talks. Data seems to have mastered bragging.
  • Riker’s ex-girlfriend arrives and dies, leaving behind a pile of glowing dust and a mystery. Picard is trapped on a turbolift with a horse.
  • A planet of suspicious docents abduct Riker for their museum of amazing men. Geordi and Data are too excited to sleep at their sleepover.
  • Picard is trapped inside a sentient turbolift. A clip show highlights the most memorable “Picard is trapped on a turbolift” moments.
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How Flash Drives and Social Engineering can Compromise Networks

2010 Jan 22, 1:44"He seeded the customer's parking lot with USB flash drives, each of which had a Trojan horse installed on it. When the employees arrived for work in the morning, they were quite excited to find the free gadgets laying around the parking lot. Employees eagerly collected the USB drives and plugged them into the first computers they came across: their own workstations."PermalinkCommentsvia:ericlaw security usb windows social-engineering computer technical

Bus Alternative to Neuschwanstein Castle

2008 Dec 13, 10:39

sequelguy posted a photo:

Bus Alternative to Neuschwanstein Castle

Horse drawn carriage was an alternative to the bus to the castle.

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Dr. Horrible Link Roundup

2008 Aug 10, 3:33PermalinkCommentsdr. horrible doctor horrible humor link roundup

Kelsey Creek Farm Horse

2008 Apr 13, 10:13

sequelguy posted a photo:

Kelsey Creek Farm Horse

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GFC535F - GE 1/2 Horsepower Continuous Feed Disposer - Manuals & Documentation

2008 Apr 2, 9:17GE 1/2 Horsepower Continuous Feed DisposerModel#: GFC535FPermalinkCommentsmanual garbage-disposal reference troubleshoot gfc535f

GPS Luddites - the English countryside rebels against satnav | Decentralized Information Group (DIG) Breadcrumbs

2008 Jan 2, 2:13FTA: "Seems that a number of villages in the English countryside are being overrun by errant trans-European trucks which are regularly misdirected by their GPS satnav systems onto roads that were better suited for horse-drawn carriages than big, long-distPermalinkCommentsgps humor article metadata blog england

YouTube - Trojan Horse - The Chaser

2007 Jul 11, 2:21Would real world trojan horses work today?PermalinkCommentsvideo humor youtube history trojan-horse the-chaser
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