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HTTP Compression Documentation Reference

2012 Jun 13, 3:08
There's a lot of name reuse in HTTP compression so I've made the following to help myself keep it straight.
HTTP Content Coding Token gzip deflate compress
An encoding format produced by the file compression program "gzip" (GNU zip) The "zlib" format as described in RFC 1950. The encoding format produced by the common UNIX file compression program "compress".
Data Format GZIP file format ZLIB Compressed Data Format The compress program's file format
Compression Method Deflate compression method LZW
Deflate consists of LZ77 and Huffman coding

Compress doesn't seem to be supported by popular current browsers, possibly due to its past with patents.

Deflate isn't done correctly all the time. Some servers would send the deflate data format instead of the zlib data format and at least some versions of Internet Explorer expect deflate data format instead of zlib data format.

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"Forwarded HTTP Extension" - Andreas Petersson, Martin Nilsson

2012 Jan 27, 9:41PermalinkCommentstechnical http http-header proxy ietf standard

"Unified User-Agent String (UUAS)" - Mateusz Karcz

2012 Jan 27, 7:29

IETF draft on the contents of the User Agent HTTP header.

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Indicating Character Encoding and Language for HTTP Header Field Parameters

2011 Nov 24, 7:45

From the document: ‘Appendix B. Implementation Report: The encoding defined in this document currently is used for two different HTTP header fields: “Content-Disposition”, defined in [RFC6266], and “Link”, defined in [RFC5988]. As the encoding is a profile/clarification of the one defined in [RFC2231] in 1997, many user agents already supported it for use in “Content-Disposition” when [RFC5987] got published.

Since the publication of [RFC5987], two more popular desktop user agents have added support for this encoding; see
   NET/http/content-disposition-tests#encoding-2231-char for details. At this time, only one major desktop user agent (Safari) does not support it.

Note that the implementation in Internet Explorer 9 does not support the ISO-8859-1 encoding; this document revision acknowledges that UTF-8 is sufficient for expressing all code points, and removes the requirement to support ISO-8859-1.’

Yay for UTF-8!

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"Forwarded HTTP Extension" - Andreas Petersson, Martin Nilsson

2011 Nov 17, 3:30

Describes forward HTTP headers to explicitly list proxying information that might otherwise be lost.

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Eric Lawrence and Adam Barth on Strict-Transport-Security

2011 Aug 22, 9:27PermalinkCommentshttps http http-header technical strict-transport-security browser

RFC 5987 - Character Set and Language Encoding for Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Header Field Parameters

2010 Aug 13, 11:47Other characters sets for HTTP headers: "By default, message header field parameters in Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) messages cannot carry characters outside the ISO-8859-1 character set. RFC 2231 defines an encoding mechanism for use in Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) headers. This document specifies an encoding suitable for use in HTTP header fields that is compatible with a profile of the encoding defined in RFC 2231."PermalinkCommentsrfc language localization charset http technical reference http-header

Code: Flickr Developer Blog » Language Detection: A Witch’s Brew?

2009 Dec 4, 10:24Flickr dev. blog on the accept-language HTTP header: "It’s true that the Accept-Language header has a troubled history. Because of this, many developers regard it the way medieval villagers might have regarded a woman with a warty nose and a pet cat – it should be shunned, avoided and possibly burned at the stake." And this great anecdote: "In two and a half years of running as an international site, we’ve only ever had one case where it didn’t work. Helio, a cellphone company, had a browser was custom-built for them in Korea, and had its “Accept-Language” header hard-coded to always request Korean, something which led to much confusion for the Flickr users amongst their American customers."PermalinkCommentsflickr internationalization language accept-language http http-header development technical web

Metalink/HTTP: Mirrors and Checksums in HTTP Headers

2009 Nov 24, 5:51"Metalink/HTTP describes multiple download locations (mirrors), Peer-to-Peer, checksums, digital signatures, and other information using existing standards for HTTP headers. Clients can transparently use this information to make file transfers more robust and reliable."PermalinkCommentshttp metalink url p2p http-header cache redirect reference technical

Surfin’ Safari - Blog Archive » WebKit nightlies support HTML5 noreferrer link relation

2009 Nov 20, 3:08"WebKit nightlies now support the HTML5 noreferrer link relation, a neat little feature that allows web developers to prevent browsers from sending the Referrer: header when navigating either anchor or area elements."PermalinkCommentstechnical html5 html webkit link referer http http-header web browser

ginger's thoughts » URI fragments vs URI queries for media fragment addressing

2009 Sep 11, 8:39"In the W3C Media Fragment Working Group (MFWG) we have had long discussions about the use of the URI query (”?”) or the URI fragment (”#”) addressing approach for addressing directly into media fragments, and the diverse new HTTP headers required to serve such URI requests, considering such side conditions as the stripping-off of fragment parameters from a URI by Web browsers, or the existence of caching Web proxies."PermalinkCommentsfragment uri via:connolly media url query http http-header

Common Web Server software comparison report

2009 Jul 1, 2:24Stats on HTTP servers and HTTP server response headers. "Current statistics are based on a sample of 84604 probed servers, gathered in the last 386 days."PermalinkCommentshttp statistics server internet http-header via:mnot technical - Google's Lucky is fickle, too

2009 Jan 27, 10:41I just noticed that Google's Feeling Lucky doesn't work if your query contains a 'site:...' entry unless the HTTP request has a referer header pointing to Google. This person noticed too and wrote a Google App that acts like Feeling Lucky without this restriction. "It appears that Google has some secret threshold to decide when to get in the way of your destination like an angry ceiling cat catapulting itself onto your face."PermalinkCommentsgoogle im-feeling-lucky search http referer http-header app

Web Security Research- Alex's Corner: HTTP Range & Request-Range Request Headers

2008 May 2, 1:55Avoid sniffing using the HTTP range header: "...if we have an application...which protects against FindMimeFromData XSS attacks by searching the first 256 bytes for certain strings, then we can simply place our strings after the first 256 bytes and get FlPermalinkCommentsvia:swannman http http-header range xss security

RFC 2231 MIME Parameter Value and Encoded Word Extensions: Character Sets, Languages, and Continuations

2008 Mar 8, 11:44"This memo defines extensions to the RFC 2045 media type and RFC 2183 disposition parameter value mechanisms to provide ... a means to specify parameter values in character sets other than US-ASCII..."PermalinkCommentshttp http-header rfc standard reference ietf mime encoding charset language content-disposition

HTTP headers and non-asci characters (Content-Disposition, filename, attachment) Article

2008 Mar 8, 11:43"I was not able to find universal settings to do this task, but it looks like Mozilla based browsers accepts utf-8 encoded headers and headers Encoded Word Extensions from RFC 2231. Internet explorer accepts utf-8 filenames only when 1. the data are URL ePermalinkCommentshttp http-header charset ascii utf8 mozilla ie browser content-disposition

An Exploration of Dynamic Documents

2007 Sep 4, 6:57Netscape's documentation on the non-standard HTTP refresh header.PermalinkCommentsrefresh http http-header netscape reference

Instance Digests in HTTP

2006 Aug 4, 11:13PermalinkCommentsrfc digest sha-1 reference ietf internet md5 hash http http-header

Fiddler HTTP Debugger - Debugging Essentials

2006 Apr 7, 4:59Good tools for debugging IE problems.PermalinkCommentseric-lawrence fiddler tool tools debug development http http-header ie ie7 web internet

PEP - an Extension Mechanism for HTTP

2006 Apr 6, 12:02PermalinkCommentshttp w3c http-header pep internet reference
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