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New Status Code -- 2xx Greedy Hotel? from Mark Nottingham on 2007-03-15 ( from January to March 2007)

2010 Apr 6, 11:17A thread on HTTPBIS concerning about how one might standardize hotels and other such proxies that inject redirects to their own payment or T&C agreement sites.PermalinkCommentshttp httpbis reference ietf network

InfoQ: HTTP Status Report

2009 Apr 29, 12:34"In this presentation, recorded at QCon San Francisco 2008, HTTPbis WG chair Mark Nottingham gives an update on the current status of the HTTP protocol in the wild, and the ongoing work to clarify the HTTP specification."PermalinkCommentshttp httpbis protocol ietf reference video authentication cookie uri url tcp sctp mark-nottingham via:ericlaw
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