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Internationalization Best Practices: Specifying Language in XHTML and HTML Content

2009 Jun 25, 1:53"The document provides practical best practices related to specifying the language of content that HTML content authors can use to ensure that their HTML is easily adaptable for an international audience. These are best practices that are best addressed from the start of content development if unnecessary costs and resource issues are to be avoided later on."PermalinkCommentslanguage i18n internationalization html w3c xml reference xhtml technical

W3C I18n Tutorial: Declaring Language in XHTML and HTML

2009 Jun 25, 1:51"By following this tutorial you should be able to: ... recognize the available alternatives for declaring language, and how they differ ..."PermalinkCommentsw3c internationalization language html xml xhtml i18n tutorial technical

Official Google Blog: Moving to Unicode 5.1

2008 May 7, 4:24Woo Unicode! "For the first time, we found that Unicode was the most frequent encoding found on web pages, overtaking both ASCII and Western European encodings"PermalinkCommentsgoogle encoding i18n utf8 unicode ascii web

i18n: languages, countries and character sets

2007 Nov 7, 4:28Out of date W3C document containing stats on frequency of use of various charsets in HTML pages (in 1997)PermalinkCommentscharset encoding i18n language reference w3c statistics

IDNwiki - IDNwiki

2007 Oct 17, 4:48ICANN's wiki on their new IDN TLDs.PermalinkCommentsidn wiki icann dns domain i18n internet tld

Localisation Considerations in DTD Design

2007 Apr 5, 5:28A paper on localization of XML DTDs.PermalinkCommentsdesign documentation i18n xml dtd richard-ishida

ishida >> utilities: Unicode character pickers

2007 Feb 14, 3:12Another of Richard's tools that allows you to compose strings by visually picking characters from particular alphabets.PermalinkCommentsunicode tools picker encoding javascript language tool codepage i18n

UniView 5.0 (en) (© Richard Ishida)

2007 Feb 14, 3:10Richard Ishida's tool to display blocks of Unicode characters.PermalinkCommentsunicode tools i18n tool utf8 uniview encoding richard-ishida

Richard Ishida

2007 Feb 13, 12:03The home of Richard Ishida who works on internationalization at the W3C. Links to his blog, photos, writings, etc.PermalinkCommentsi18n w3c richard-ishida unicode encoding html blog photos

W3C I18N Tutorial: Character sets & encodings in XHTML, HTML and CSS

2006 Apr 7, 5:24PermalinkCommentscharset html mime programming reference tutorial utf8 unicode w3c web xml encoding language css
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