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2015 Jan 28, 9:57
Ross: Attorney built on IBM's Watson  Can Ross legally practice law? We'd have to research that... Let's ask Ross

IBM’s Watson Supercomputer As A Challenger on Jeopardy Game Show

2011 Feb 14, 6:59PermalinkCommentsibm Jeopardy game ai

It's 1975 And This Man Is About To Show You The Future

2009 Nov 9, 11:26Awesome tital and design.PermalinkCommentsart design technology ibm future typography retro vintage internet via:ethan_t_hein presentation

Linking to or Embedding a Portion of a Video

2009 Jun 19, 10:12

I'm excited by HTML5's video tag as are plenty of other people. Once that comes about and once media fragments are adopted, linking to or embedding a portion of a video will be as easy as using the correct fragment on your URL thanks to the Media Fragments WG who has been hard at work since the last time I looked at fragments.

However, until that work is embraced by browsers, embedding portions of videos will continue to require work specific to the site from which you are embedding the video. On the YouTube blog they wrote about how to "link to the best parts in your videos", using a fragment syntax like '#t=1m15s' to start playback of the associated video at 1 minute and 15 seconds. Of course if you want to embed part of a Hulu video it will be different. Although I haven't found an authoritative source describing the URL syntax to use, you can follow Hulu's video guide on linking to part of a video and note how the URL changes as you adjust the slider on the time-line. It looks like their syntax for linking to a Hulu page is to add '?c=[start time in seconds](:[end time in seconds])' with the colon and end time optional in order to link to a portion of a video. And the syntax for embedding appears to be "[start time in seconds](/[end time in seconds])" again with the end time optional.

For more sites, check out the Media Fragments WG's list of existing applications' proprietary fragmenting schemes.

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Mystic Microsoft by Kraig Brockschmidt - Chapter Sixteen: Fade to Light

2008 Aug 28, 2:35Read about "Dress Like Raymond Day" (as in Raymond Chen of The Old New Thing) and 'The Microsoft Tie' at IBM.PermalinkCommentsmicrosoft humor article book

Leaking Information Through Delicious

2008 May 18, 6:45

While re-reading Cryptonomicon I thought about what kind of information I'm leaking by posting links on Delicious. At work I don't post any Intranet websites for fear of revealing anything but I wondered if not posting would reveal anything. For instance, if I'm particularly busy at work might I post less indicating something about the state of the things I work on? I got an archive of my Delicious posts via the Delicious API and then ran it through a tool I made to create a couple of tables which I've graphed on Many Eyes

I've graphed my posts per week and with red lines I've marked IE7 and IE8 releases as stated by Wikipedia. As you can see, there doesn't seem to be much of a pattern so I suppose my concerns we're unfounded. I use it for both work and non-work purposes and my use of Delicious isn't that consistent so I don't think it would be easy to find a pattern like I was thinking about. Perhaps if many people from my project used Delicious and that data could be compared together it might be easier.
For fun I looked at my posts per day of week which starts off strong on Mondays and decreases as the week goes on, and my posts per hour of day. It looks like I mostly post around lunch and on the extremes I've only posted very late at night twice at 4am: converting media for the Zune, and Penn's archive of articles. In the morning at 7am I've posted only once: document introducing SGML.PermalinkCommentsmanyeyes graph cryptonomicon delicious

Many Eyes : mefi chat: Popular URLs

2007 Nov 8, 11:38A Many Eyes visualization of URIs listed in an IRC chat.PermalinkCommentsstatistics visualization graph uri url popular ibm many-eyes

Many Eyes : sequelguy's page

2007 Nov 7, 5:19My Many Eyes account page. Adding this to delicious so that I don't lose track of it. Associated IBMID: dave@deletethis.netPermalinkCommentsproldfile many-eyes statistics visualization me

Many Eyes

2007 Oct 31, 10:41Upload your data and visualize it in various interesting ways using Java applets from IBM.PermalinkCommentsvisualization java applet ibm analysis graph
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