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2015 Sep 21, 2:58
Enjoying Pixies Indie Cindy. Greens and Blues sounds like it's missing from the FLCL soundtrack or maybe Polaris.

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2015 Mar 26, 1:33
"The best cyber film of the year!" -- Which year? Every year. #HackThePlanet #BeKindRewind

Very Serious Button

2014 May 17, 1:34

A physical big red button that is a USB keyboard with a configurable single key. This looks wonderful. I’ll take 26.

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"Space is meaningless": Hazard is indie, non-Euclidean, brilliant

2011 Feb 11, 5:43PermalinkCommentsgame indie hazard video


2010 Jun 29, 1:24

An excellent movie I'd never heard of. An entertaining and humorous sci-fi indie romance comedy. It stars Emma Caulfield (who I recognize as Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) who obsesses over her timer, an implanted device that counts down to when she'll meet the love of her life. Thematically its similar to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind which similarly adds a scifi device to society in order to examine the value of failed relationships on a persons life.
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The Boing Boing Guide to the 2010 Indie Games Festival Boing Boing

2010 Jan 6, 2:24This time its BoingBoing's list of 2010 indie games.PermalinkCommentsgame videogame

Gimme Indie Game: the one button action film of AdamAtomic's Canabalt | Offworld

2009 Sep 2, 4:36"Consider it, maybe, the souped-up Tiger/Game & Watch LCD version of Mirror's Edge, then: you have one goal, and one button, and the goal is to run, and the button is jump, and the game comes from simply maintaining breakneck momentum as you leap from rooftop to randomly generated rooftop."PermalinkCommentsgame flash mirrors-edge - The Weblog - Freeware Game Pick: Rom Check Fail (Farbs)

2008 Apr 10, 3:23Recommended by AV Club. Play pieces of classic games mixed together.PermalinkCommentsgame humor mashup mario zelda remix videogame art

the pAved earth 56k Music Stream - crock alternative progressive indie ska - REQUESTS

2007 Apr 4, 1:23the pAved earth is an Internet radio station playing crock alternative progressive indie and ska.PermalinkCommentsmusic ska alternative paved-earth radio
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