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2012 Jun 7, 3:29


[via motherjones]:


Sticking to an exercise routine takes dedication, and many fitness junkies swear that a running companion can be a huge help. That’s why researchers have developed “Joggobot,” a quad-rotor helicopter drone designed to motivate joggers by flying in front of them. 

The aerial robot uses its camera to spot a colorful pattern on a T-shirt worn by the jogger, and flies at a safe distance ahead. The runner can control Joggobot using a smartphone: In “companion mode,” the drone simply maintains the jogger’s pace; in “coach mode,” it pushes its human trainee a little faster.

Don’t worry, there’s a video


Maybe it should chase you instead?

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Junkyard Jumbotron: join all your screens into one big one, no software install needed - Boing Boing

2011 Mar 14, 4:30A web service to turn multiple web browsing devices into one larger screen. Panning and zooming on one screen (for phones) changes the whole picture.
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MAKE: Blog: Maker Profile - Bicycle Rodeo

2009 Jan 7, 6:15Ridiculously awesome creations of odd bicycles and creative things made from bicycle parts: "Introducing Cyclecide, an inventive band of Bay Area performance artists who make creations out of materials from the junkyard. These Makers create everything from amusement park rides to outrageous bicycle contraptions to found-object sculpture."PermalinkCommentsvideo make bicycle tv

Mail a brick to junk mailers using paid postage - Creative tips with dealing with spammers and bulk mailers

2008 Apr 7, 1:50Attach spam's pre-paid postage to objects and mail them back. FTA: "Dear Bulk Mailer, Please find attached to your no-postage-necessary envelope, this brick."PermalinkCommentshumor box junk mail prank spam howto


2007 Aug 6, 4:07I've moved from my previous apartment in Redmond into Sarah's condo in Kirkland. Over the past week I'd been coming home from work and packing and sorting all of my belongings. Everything had a few destination options: I donated two carts of computer related junk (two CRTs, two desktops, six laptops, untold number of cables, piles of network and sound cards, etc) to RE-PC and six garbage bags of clothing that I either never wear or into which I have worn holes into friendly looking clothing donation bins. Of course I still need to find some place to get rid of my 15 inch CRT TV, VCR, DVD player, and X-Box. I finally emptied my bags of coins that had been collecting for about seven years (one of the bags was from my college orientation) through Coinstar and got ~$160. Some items seemed to fit very well at work like my satirical RIAA propaganda poster and my Darth Vader Nutcracker. This past weekend I had movers come and actually move my furniture. Most of its now in storage except for my living room which is moved into Sarah's second bedroom. Now all I have to do is unpack...PermalinkCommentsmove personal repc recycle nontechnical

Unsolicited Mail, Telemarketing and Email: Where to Go To "Just Say No"

2007 Apr 12, 3:30The FTCs guide to opting out of telemarketing, spam, junk mail including pre approved credit card offers!PermalinkCommentsjunk mail spam optout howto

Conference on Email and Anti-Spam 2007

2007 Apr 11, 4:29A conference and challenge to find the best anti-spam software.PermalinkCommentsspam microsoft research junk mail

Jeff Atwood : Stopping real, physical mail Spam

2007 Mar 30, 3:28Commentary and steps to reducing junk mail.PermalinkCommentsmail article blog jeff-atwood spam junk howto

Junkbusters Declare Headlines

2007 Mar 30, 3:26Information on reducing phone, email, and physical spam (junk mail & telemarketers). Also has lots of info on other privacy related matters. The sites ugly but I find its easy to navigate and find the info I want.PermalinkCommentsprivacy security tools junk mail spam

The Truth about Cell Phones and the Do Not Call Registry

2007 Mar 30, 3:21The FTC describes why you don't need to register your cell phone on the national Do Not Call registry.PermalinkCommentsphone cellphone spam junk ftc government
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