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The Quantified Self

2008 Sep 16, 4:56All about self-trackers who track and graph all sorts of personal data. I suppose mycrocosm is like the self-tracker's twitter. "A quick overview of the emerging culture of self-tracking ran in the Washington Post the other day. Called "Bytes of Life: For Every Move, Mood and Bodily Function, There's a Web Site to Help You Keep Track." The subtitle is a gross exaggeration, although in time it will be true."PermalinkCommentsprivacy data social personal kevin-kelly

Kevin Kelly -- KK* Lifestream

2008 Jul 18, 2:14So far I've enjoyed two of this person's articles. More to come?PermalinkCommentsblog cool monthly kevin-kelly

GoogleUnique Names

2008 Jul 18, 1:50On GoogleUnique names for children. "Oh, and I have a GoogleCommon name. I share my name with so many other people that we have our own Kevin Kelly disambiguation website." To avoid race conditions be sure to use your NIC's ID in the child's name.PermalinkCommentsname identity google search language kevin-kelly

Street Use: Phone Mining

2008 Jun 19, 4:25Its the 90s version of the information economy: "He has noticed a new behaivor among his native hosts. If they are young, they want to borrow his phone and mine if for goodies they can copy."PermalinkCommentsmobile phone data technology blog kevin-kelly

Better than Free - Kevin Kelly - The Technium

2008 Feb 3, 11:04On the Internet perfect copies may be made forever so what's left to pay for? Kevin Kelly describes eight such things.PermalinkCommentsinternet article blog ip technology copyright economics information kevin-kelly
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