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Tweet from Jen Gentleman 🌺

2016 Oct 8, 2:19
In case you were wondering: Yes, the new address bar that was added to RegEdit supports Alt+D to set keyboard focus 😊

Very Serious Button

2014 May 17, 1:34

A physical big red button that is a USB keyboard with a configurable single key. This looks wonderful. I’ll take 26.

RT @codinghorror The Very Serious USB Button

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Bank robbers use KVM switch and 3G router to steal money

2014 Apr 28, 10:01

Using social engineering to install a remote-controlled keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) switch on bank PCs, the gang managed to transfer millions to outside accounts in two separate jobs in April and July of 2013. They were caught attempting to rob a third bank in September.

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How To Screen Capture on the Microsoft Surface RT - Surface...

2013 Jan 7, 11:44

How To Screen Capture on the Microsoft Surface RT - Surface Geeks Surface Geeks

tl;dr: hold windows logo on the surface (not keyboard) and press volume down button on the surface

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Make: Online » Morse For The Hard-Core: Replace Your Keyboard with a Key

2011 Feb 25, 2:08PermalinkCommentshumor morse-code keyboard usb technical

Meme-ify Your Home With These 10 Internet Wall Hangings Currently for Sale on Etsy

2010 Oct 22, 1:30PermalinkCommentscrafting DIY Etsy haters gonna hate home decor keyboard cat lolcats memes needlepoint pedobear Xzibit technical


2010 Jun 19, 3:54
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10/GUI : The Video

2009 Oct 13, 9:14I like the window management they describe: looks like it would be simple and intuitive to switch between various apps. Although the giant keyboard sized touch pad sitting right in front of the keyboard seems like they should somehow be merged.PermalinkCommentsvia:waxy gui ui technical video touchscreen multitouch

E309: Scribblenauts DS settles Kraken vs. God vs. Keyboard Cat debate

2009 Jun 5, 3:27Looks cool and includes things like Keyboard Cat and Looong Cat.PermalinkCommentsgame nintendo video scribblenauts internet meme

The Super Mario Bros. drag and drop LUA hack - Offworld

2009 Mar 17, 6:02"With LUA scripting included in the latest version of NES emulator FCEUX, Rusted Logic blogger Xkeeper has woven some black magic into Super Mario that gives you full keyboard/mouse control over your surroundings."PermalinkCommentsvideo youtube videogames videogame hack mario

philosecurity - Blog Archive - Guerilla Public Service

2008 Aug 11, 3:58Fellow kindly fixes spelling error on trailer mounted electronic roadway message signs. Pulls up, connects keyboard, reads password off the side of the enclosure, etc. "Not far from my house is one of those temporary trailer-mounted variable message signs, which for the past several weeks has been advising motorists that ..." I always wondered what it would take on those signs. And if all the passwords are four characters long...PermalinkCommentssecurity hack howto sign humor

SILVER TYPE KEY CUFFLINKS | Silver Type Key Cufflinks with Authentic, Vintage Typewriter Letters for Writers and Antique Lovers | UncommonGoods

2007 Dec 23, 1:58PermalinkCommentsgift purchase cufflink keyboard steampunk

Microsoft Mice & Keyboards - Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000

2007 Jul 25, 10:53New keyboard and mouse I bought. Its neato and it looks cool!PermalinkCommentsmedia keyboard microsoft wireless mce

Wiimote wiissues

2007 Jun 7, 5:29The other day I had the best idea for my Wii remote. Clearly I should use it to control the rotation of Tetris pieces in my N-dimensional Tetris game Polytope Tetris. One of the issues I described with Polytope Tetris is user input. Given a Wii remote the user could rotate a piece through 3 dimensions in a manner that's much easier to adjust to than particular keys on the keyboard.

Anyway, I did a little research into how this might work. I knew that the Wii remote used infrared for absolute positioning and Bluetooth for everything else (LEDs, speaker, accels.) I bought a Bluetooth adapter for my PC after realizing that none of my computers had one already. I used GlovePIE to ensure that my Wii remote could connect and successfully communicate with my computer. GlovePIE is actually pretty cool -- it provides a simple script layer over the Wii remote to control things like your mouse.

Since Polytope Tetris is in Java I looked for and found a Java library for operating with the Wii remote and a long forum thread discussing its use. I then read up on Bluetooth in Java. Apparently JSR 82 is the name of the standard that describes the API a Bluetooth stack should expose in Java. That is, to get Bluetooth working in Java one needs an additional package for Java that actually implements the Bluetooth Java API. This package would depend on the system so I suppose I can't fault Sun for not including it... Where to find such a package? I found a comparison list of implementations and tried the ones that support javax.bluetooth. None of them worked for me because none can address USB devices it seems or they cost money and I couldn't get the trial version working. I also tried bluesock (not listed on the previous list) which seemed promising and could produce an address for my Wii remote as a connected device but couldn't use that address.

And I thought that after I found the Wii remote Java library it would be easy... Oh well...PermalinkCommentsjava bluetooth wii technical remote jsr82 tetris polytopetetris wiimote


2007 Apr 11, 6:28An eraser (as in pencil & paper) shaped like a delete key from a keyboard.PermalinkCommentsshopping office nerd key delete eraser

Telegraph Clacks out RSS Feeds - The Steampunk Workshop

2007 Mar 30, 2:10From the guy who did the 1920s keyboard this is a telegraph piece that taps out RSS feeds in morse code.PermalinkCommentssteampunk telegraph rss video


2007 Mar 19, 10:52This tool allows you to use one keyboard and mouse to control all your computers.PermalinkCommentskvm tools windows linux mac download free desktop

Steampunk Keyboard Mod

2007 Feb 22, 7:07What a keyboard would have looked like a century ago.PermalinkCommentsart computer hack hardware keyboard cool steampunk neat-fp

Shell Blog : Do things faster with Keyboard Shortcuts

2006 Nov 2, 6:23Helpful keyboard shortcuts for doing things in Vista's shell.PermalinkCommentsblog microsoft shell tips windows vista shortcuts keyboard
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