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Report: Kindle produces nearly no electrical interference. FAA: "LALALALALA"

2011 Dec 28, 3:34

FTA: “Nick Bilton put the FAA’s claims regarding Kindles and airline avionics to the test. The result? They emit less EM interference than planes are required by law to withstand.” Much less, apparently.

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CMAP #9: Ebooks

2010 May 10, 8:43Charles Stross on the intersection of ebooks and the publishing industry. Includes the answer to the misinformed question "why are you charging so much for access to the file your authors emailed you?" Also includes this quote on Cory Doctorow "... Cory is a Special Snowflake with EFF superpowers and New York Times Bestseller mojo which make him immune to the normal laws of man and nature."PermalinkCommentscharles-stross cory-doctorow ebook drm amazon publishing kindle apple book

Amazon Kindle: Most Highlighted Passages of All Time

2010 May 3, 7:27Amazon has the most highlighted passages of Kindle users. Of course Dan Brown is all over that. But in 94th place of most highlighted is a passage from the 'Kindle Shortcuts' book on how to highlight passages: "Go to top Notes and Clippings (Kindle 2) To create a highlight: use the 5-way controller to highlight the content you want to clip and then press the 5-way to save your selection... Highlighted by 319 Kindle users"PermalinkCommentshumor highlight amazon kindle technical meta
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