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Clips: The Kids In The Hall Think Portal Is HILARIOUS

2008 Nov 20, 11:30KITH + Portal! "We're not sure how deep into the goof juice the Kids in the Hall were when troupe funnyman Scott Thompson started sulking and playing Portal in the back of the tour bus, but something got into Kids during this sad little gaming session. Yes, the comedic stylings of Valve writer Erik Wolpaw are most amusing, as is the struggle of watching Thompson attempt to do anything more than move a cube - uncrouch already! - but something tells me there's something magical in those cups. Thanks for the tip, Sascha23!"PermalinkCommentsportal video humor valve kith scott-thompson

Flickr: I Crush Your Head

2008 Sep 1, 8:44Kids in the Hall style I Crush Your Head photos.PermalinkCommentskith photo humor flickr

Kids in the Hall Live in Seattle

2008 May 17, 7:58PermalinkCommentskids in the hall humor seattle nontechnical

Kids In the Hall tickets WaMu Theater Seattle, WA, Directions, seating chart. Official Ticketmaster site.

2008 Mar 21, 11:58Kids in the Hall are coming to Seattle!PermalinkCommentskith seattle humor ticket live A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

2005 Sep 4, 3:31Kids in the Hall sketch transcripts, news, etc.PermalinkCommentstv humor kith encyclopedia search
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