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Language Log - Send a private message to

2009 Mar 16, 4:23The underwhelming answer to the question of "What are the commonest five-word sequences on the Web?"PermalinkCommentslanguagelog culture internet web research language english

List of language inventors

2008 Oct 10, 1:43PermalinkCommentslanguage klingon nerd wikipedia conlang

Wondermark by David Malki ! - 434: In which there is Taunting

2008 Aug 19, 11:02In which Grumpy Grammar Gus is taunted with poor grammar.PermalinkCommentscomic language humor geek english grammar via:languagelog

Language Log: Egg, penis, whatever

2008 Feb 18, 3:05A case study on the origins of a humorous mistranslation. FTA: "The really weird ones are apparently from dictionary look-up errors ... not just taking an unlikely choice from the correct entry, but actually reading a different (but nearby) entry."PermalinkCommentshumor language blog article translate mistranslation languagelog

Chicken Roundup

2007 Jul 11, 3:52PermalinkCommentsroundup video personal chicken humor nontechnical
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