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2015 Jul 19, 10:58
@rajcardwell @cstross Here's the specific letter in the files that screamed "Laundry!" at me.

Charles Stross "The Apocalypse Codex" excerpt

2012 Jul 1, 1:55

Excerpt from Charles Stross’ new Laundry novel “The Apocalypse Codex”

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EpicWin app turns real-life to-do lists into a game

2010 Jul 9, 4:59"EpicWin, the app aims to merge your to-do list with an RPG, letting you gain experience points and find rare loot as you do the laundry and catch up on e-mail."PermalinkCommentshumor getting-things-done game iphone phone todo-list rpg video-game video / Science fiction and fantasy / Stories / Overtime by Charles Stross and Carl Wiens

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Tom Ricks's Inbox -

2008 Oct 13, 2:40Watch out for too good to be true washing services (or free network traffic anonymization): "The laundry would then send out "color coded" special discount tickets, to the effect of "get two loads for the price of one," etc. The color coding was matched to specific streets and thus when someone brought in their laundry, it was easy to determine the general location from which a city map was coded. While the laundry was indeed being washed, pressed and dry cleaned, it had one additional cycle -- every garment, sheet, glove, pair of pants, was first sent through an analyzer, located in the basement, that checked for bomb-making residue." From the comment section of Schneier on Security on this topic: "Yet another example of how inexpensive, reliable home washers and dryers help terrorists. When will we learn?"PermalinkCommentssecurity history laundromat ira terrorism bomb
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