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Lessig: Copyright isn't just hurting creativity: it's killing science (video) | Motherboard

2011 Apr 27, 2:22"Larry Lessig gave a new talk at CERN last week about copyright and how it has affected open access to academic or scientific information"

The Architecture of Access to Scientific Knowledge from lessig on Vimeo.

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Joho the Blog ยป Larry Lessig: Beyond Transparency, and Net Triumphalism

2009 Oct 20, 8:41David Weinberger on Larry Lessig's Transparency essay with links to others' responses as well.PermalinkCommentslawrence-lessig government politics transparent david-weinberger

Against Transparency | The New Republic

2009 Oct 20, 8:24Against Transparency - The perils of openness in government. - Lawrence Lessig - October 9, 2009PermalinkCommentslawrence-lessig transparent government essay privacy politics

Early Creative Commons history, my version (Lessig Blog)

2008 Aug 14, 2:23Lawrence Lessig's video presentation on history of Creative Commons.PermalinkCommentslawrence-lessig lessig video legal law cc history copyright
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