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The Lazy Man's URL Parsing (

2012 May 7, 12:41

Web apps really make obvious the lack of URI APIs in the DOM or JavaScript.  This blog post goes over using DOM API side effects to resolve relative URIs and parse URIs.  An additonal benefit of this mechanism is that you avoid security issues caused by mismatched behavior between the browser’s URI parsing and your app’s URI parsing.

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YouTube - The Lazy Programmer's Guide to Secure Computing

2010 Mar 23, 9:10Laziness is a virtue in programming esp. wrt. security. Marc Stiegler gives a talk at Google on the topic.PermalinkCommentsvia:kris.kowal programming security video google lazy

YouTube - "Move B*tch Get Out The Way!" Desperate House CAT on Roomba Driver Bitch Slaps a Dog pit bull Sharky

2009 Dec 20, 12:19Lazy cat is also disgruntled and rides a RoombaPermalinkCommentsvideo humor cat dog roomba

Halloween and Gas Park Weekend

2008 Nov 4, 10:14

Gas Works Park, SeattleGas Works Park, SeattleThe weekend before last Sarah and I went down to Gas Works Park in Seattle. Gas Works Park is a former Seattle Gas Light Company gasification plant now turned into a park with the machinery kept intact and found right on the shore of Lake Union. There's a large hill right next to the plant with an embedded art installation from which you get an excellent view of the park and the lake. Anyway a very cool place. Afer, we ate at Julia's of Wallingford where I stereotypically had the Santa Cruz omelet. Good food, nice place, nice neighborhood.

Trick-or-Treat at MSFT by Matt SwannThis past weekend was Halloween weekend. On Halloween at Microsoft parents bring their kids around the office buildings and collect candy from those who have candy in their office. See Matt's photo of one such hallway at Microsoft. The next day Sarah and I went to two birthday parties the second of which required costume. I went as House (from the television show House) by putting on a suit jacket and carrying a cane. Sarah wore scrubs to lend cred. to my lazy costume. Oh yeah and on Sunday Sarah bought a new car.

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MilkandCookies - Lazy Sunday: The Chronicles of Narnia Rap

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2003 Mar 8, 8:15Finals week is closing in quickly. This quarter seemed to go by faster than usual. With the end of the quarter almost here I've got a variety of assignments to finish. Today is supposed to be the day I work on them all, but I'm easily distracted. For instance, I had read Ken Thompson's Reflections on Trusting Trust a few days ago. As the author suggested, I tried writing my own self-reproducing program. Rather than brevity, I went for clarity and good style. That was my intent anyway. Now I'm avoiding work by writing in this journal. Last night I lost my money fairly early on during poker. After that Scott gave me a dollar which, surprisingly, lasted me much longer than the previous five. Though despite that, It was a good time.PermalinkComments
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