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SRU: Search/Retrieval via URL -- SRU, CQL and ZeeRex (Standards, Library of Congress)

2011 Apr 18, 4:27"SRU is a standard XML-focused search protocol for Internet search queries, utilizing CQL (Contextual Query Language), a standard syntax for representing queries."PermalinkCommentsstandards search library metadata xml uri technical library-of-congress

Semantic Search the US Library of Congress

2009 Feb 23, 10:31"This is an experimental service that makes the Library of Congress Subject Headings available as linked-data using the SKOS vocabulary. The goal of is to encourage experimentation and use of LCSH on the web with the hopes of informing a similar effort at the Library of Congress to make a continually updated version available. More information about the Linked Data effort can be found on the W3C Wiki."PermalinkCommentslibrary-of-congress loc semanticweb web rdf metadata library api | Colorado's Online News Leader | Three small canisters ...

2008 Nov 11, 3:57Grandpa's old films contain some surprises: "There was another reason why the Library of Congress wanted the original films. They are a treasure trove of historic video of the aftermath of D-Day."PermalinkCommentsvideo history library-of-congress

Flickr: The Commons

2008 Jan 16, 2:58Library of Congress puts up photo collections on Flickr. Neat!PermalinkCommentscopyright flickr library-of-congress library congress photo photography tagging community

Library of Congress Blog (Library of Congress)

2008 Jan 16, 2:44The Library of Congress has a blog.PermalinkCommentsarchive blog congress library literature library-of-congress government

LibraryThing: A Social Cataloging Web Site Webcast (Library of Congress)

2007 Nov 15, 4:12Tim Spalding founder of LibraryThing gives a talk to the Library of Congress folks about his website LibraryThing. Focus on tagging vs taxonomy. Some humorous things in the talk as well.PermalinkCommentslibrary-of-congress library librarything books tagging video ontology tim-spalding taxonomy
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