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Post mortem - Charlie's Diary

2010 Mar 12, 9:20Charles Stross on the business and technical aspects of writing and selling a series of books - specifically The Family Trade series for which the next in the series is due out soon.PermalinkCommentscharles-stross family-trade book literature business

A library without the books - The Boston Globe

2009 Sep 10, 5:02Makes sense to me. Its the content not the transmission medium.
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YouTube - AtYourLibraryOrg's Channel - Cory Doctorow Interview

2009 Aug 24, 9:56AtYourLibraryOrg interviews Cory Doctorow on library and librarian related Cory Doctorow topics, then breaks up his answers into short videos. Easy to watch and interesting.
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Choose Your Own Adventure – Most Likely You’ll Die | FlowingData

2009 Aug 11, 5:21"Michael Niggel took a look at Journey Under the Sea, and mapped out all possible paths. It turns out that death and unfavorable endings are in fact much more likely than the rest."PermalinkCommentsvisualization via:ethan_t_hein literature fiction if interactive flowchart infographics chooseyourownadventure

SPLITREASON.COM :: Ahab vs Dick t-shirt

2009 Jul 20, 11:21Ahab vs Moby Dick rendered fighting game style.
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2009 Jul 15, 7:00" is proud to be serializing Makers, Cory Doctorow’s upcoming novel, which goes on sale from Tor Books in November."PermalinkCommentscory-doctorow scifi tor makers book literature cc free

A bold new computer metaphor

2009 Jun 22, 7:00" technology has made it to the late sixth century AD, at best. In the olden days, you see, the upper classes were able to read and write, but they generally preferred not to. They left it to people who had to do it, like scribes and clergymen."PermalinkCommentsliterature paper history literacy religion

Cory Doctorow's - Blog Archive - Little Brother option sold to Don Murphy (Natural Born Killers, From Hell, etc)

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Subterranean Press - Fiction: Missile Gap by Charles Stross

2009 Apr 6, 10:47"It's 1976 again. Abba are on the charts, the Cold War is in full swing - and the Earth is flat. It's been flat ever since the eve of the Cuban war of 1962; and the constellations overhead are all wrong. Beyond the Boreal ocean, strange new continents loom above tropical seas, offering a new start to colonists like newly-weds Maddy and Bob, and the hope of further glory to explorers like ex-cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin: but nobody knows why they exist, and outside the circle of exploration the universe is inexplicably warped."PermalinkCommentscharles-stross scifi read fiction free literature

Charles Stross - Fiction intro

2009 Apr 6, 10:40Charles Stross personal website that links to the text of a bunch of his short stories.PermalinkCommentsblog scifi fiction literature charles-stross

No Media Kings - Sword of My Mouth #1 Out Soon

2009 Feb 28, 11:34"It's completely nuts... It's a book about what if the Rapture actually happened, and that's all I'm gonna tell you." -Junot Diaz, 2008 Pulitzer Prize Winner for FictionPermalinkCommentscreativecommons comic literature religion magic download pdf / Science fiction and fantasy / Stories / Down on the Farm by Charles Stross

2008 Jul 22, 5:17Down on the Farm by Charles Stross. Short scifi story with elements of steampunk and a math/csc based version of the occult.PermalinkCommentsmath scifi fiction free tor literature charles-stross

Language Log: Labov's Test

2008 Jul 21, 1:12"One proposed test is to add a 'not' to the statement and see if that makes any difference to its plausibility. If it doesn't, that statement is bullshit."PermalinkCommentsbullshit literature humor - Neal Stephenson: Science Fiction as a Literary Gen

2008 Jul 14, 4:37"Neal Stephenson delivered a talk entitled The Fork: Science Fiction versus Mundane Culture at Gresham College." Talk is sort of pop analysis of geeky entertainment. Lots of annecdotal evidence but interesting ideas anyway.PermalinkCommentsgeek history neal-stephenson scifi fiction literature culture video

Library of Congress Blog (Library of Congress)

2008 Jan 16, 2:44The Library of Congress has a blog.PermalinkCommentsarchive blog congress library literature library-of-congress government

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

2008 Jan 5, 11:34Cory Doctorow's book Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom available free via Creative Commons. More traiditional singularity style scifi. I liked this much better than Someone Comes to Town.PermalinkCommentscory-doctorow scifi disney literature project-gutenberg book books singularity

Browse By Author: D - Project Gutenberg

2008 Jan 5, 10:41Project Gutenberg's listing for Cory Doctorow containing all of his CC books in readable HTML formats.PermalinkCommentscory-doctorow gutenberg scifi writing free literature book books

Main Page - Gutenberg

2008 Jan 5, 10:39Project Gutenberg is a directory of public domain literature.PermalinkCommentsarchive books fiction database directory literature writing free gutenberg public-domain

A Place So Foreign and Eight More - HTML

2008 Jan 2, 5:49Cory Doctorow's short stories from 'A Place So Foreign and Eight More' that are licensed under Creative Commons in HTML.PermalinkCommentscory-doctorow books literature html download free

The Riddle of the Universe and Its Solution by CHRISTOPHER CHERNIAK

2007 Dec 31, 1:18A short short story titled 'The Riddle of the Universe and Its Solution' by CHRISTOPHER CHERNIAK. A classic (apparently) from the early 80s. No spoilers here. If you liked Snow Crash just read it.PermalinkCommentsread scifi story literature free fiction short-story rainbow
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