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TLDRLegal - Software Licenses Summarized in Plain English

2012 Jul 3, 6:39

Lookup any software license shortly summarized in plain English.

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For Consumers - Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington BBB

2009 Aug 17, 6:33Lookup the Better Business Bureau's stats on businesses in the Northwest.PermalinkCommentsbusiness washington economics


2009 Apr 20, 3:14This site does user generated reports on (mostly) spam phone numbers. They have a RESTful API to get at that data too! I'm looking for more like this.PermalinkCommentsapi phone spam search reference telemarketing telephone lookup

New Cookie related Internet Drafts from Yngve N. Pettersen on 2006-03-20 (ietf-http-wg@w3.org from January to March 2006)

2008 Jun 30, 3:46Opera's solution to minimal security domain determination: "The drafts describe 1) Opera's current "rule of thumb" implementation that uses DNS in an attempt to confirm the validity of a domain, and 2) a proposed new HTTP based lookup service that returPermalinkCommentsopera rfc ietf cookie http internet browser dns domain
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