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2015 Feb 28, 8:47
8yo regularly feeds crows. Crows start giving girl shiny objs in return. … The future: girl & crow army open bead store

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2015 Feb 24, 8:14
Magazines are trying to create new categories of “super-subscribers” 

wired: [via motherjones]: theweekmagazine: Sticking to an...

2012 Jun 7, 3:29


[via motherjones]:


Sticking to an exercise routine takes dedication, and many fitness junkies swear that a running companion can be a huge help. That’s why researchers have developed “Joggobot,” a quad-rotor helicopter drone designed to motivate joggers by flying in front of them. 

The aerial robot uses its camera to spot a colorful pattern on a T-shirt worn by the jogger, and flies at a safe distance ahead. The runner can control Joggobot using a smartphone: In “companion mode,” the drone simply maintains the jogger’s pace; in “coach mode,” it pushes its human trainee a little faster.

Don’t worry, there’s a video


Maybe it should chase you instead?

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A Dad’s Plea To Developers Of iPad Apps For Children (

2012 Mar 12, 7:02

Set of issues run into by children using iPad apps.  Should be generally appropriate though:

Designing apps for children is extremely hard. Not only is quality, age-appropriate content hard to create, but designing the flow and interaction of these apps is made more difficult because designers must refrain from implementing advanced gestures, which would only confuse and frustrate kids (and, by extension, their parents). Yet all apps can and should adhere to certain basics. Hopefully, the four guidelines discussed here can become fixtures of all children’s apps.

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Mind vs. Machine - Magazine - The Atlantic

2011 Feb 17, 1:01Brian Christian on his involvement in the 2009 Turing Test and his goal of winning Most Human Human.PermalinkCommentshistory ai science

Everyone Hates Ticketmaster — But No One Can Take It Down | Magazine

2010 Nov 8, 3:32We were just talking about hating Ticketmaster. A brief history and business of Ticketmaster.PermalinkCommentsticketmaster software wired concert music business

Shepard Fairey - Interview Magazine

2010 May 10, 8:59Iggy Pop interviews Shepard Fairey, including his Obama HOPE poster and AP lawsuit:

"... but the American public is generally pretty superficial, so an image like that just allows them to project whatever limited idea they have onto it. Obviously, not everyone is like that—I actually think there were a lot of people who were bummed by the image because they felt it was shallow propaganda."

"If I spend time conceiving and making a piece of art and somebody else sees that it has market value and replicates it in order to steal part of my market, then that’s not cool. But the way I make art—the way a lot of people make art—is as an extension of language and communication, where references are incredibly important. It’s about making a work that is inspired by something preexisting but changes it to have a new value and meaning that doesn’t in any way take away from the original—and, in fact, might provide the original with a second life or a new audience."
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Popular Science Archive - Google Books

2010 Mar 5, 3:15A full archive of Popular Science magazines.
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Wired Magazine Goes Digital - Video - Wired

2010 Feb 22, 4:25Wired's concept for a digital version of their magazine to run on tablets. Looks pretty but of course its running on Flash or somesuch Adobe product.PermalinkCommentsvideo wired web adobe magazine

ARMY MAN: America's Only Magazine - a set on Flickr

2010 Feb 2, 2:49A small number of select scans at higher resolution
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Picasa Web Albums - JanJaap - army man scans

2010 Feb 2, 2:40Scans of the Army Man zine. Unfortunately they're in just poor enough quality to make you squint and wish and pretend.PermalinkCommentsarmy-man humor magazine zine photo scan

The Answer Factory: Fast, Disposable, and Profitable as Hell | Magazine

2009 Oct 22, 12:33"When asked for the most valuable topic in Demand’s arsenal, he replies instantly: “‘Where can I donate a car in Dallas?’"PermalinkCommentsvia:kris.kowal wired internet video howto automation business media marketing economics advertising

Museum Day 2009 |

2009 Sep 25, 5:32Smithsonian sponsors a free museum day with free admission to museums across the US tomorrow (2009-09-26)PermalinkCommentsfree magazine museum

Charlie Rose - A conversation with Chris Anderson of Wired Magazine

2009 Jul 29, 10:58Chris Anderson of Wired Magazine promotes and discusses the concepts in his book "Free" on the Charlie Rose show.PermalinkCommentscharlie-rose chris-anderson wired free internet web economics video interview via:bengoldacre

Rules for Time Travelers | Cosmic Variance | Discover Magazine

2009 May 22, 6:59"...but we do know enough to say that if time travel were possible, certain rules would have to be obeyed. ... So if you wanted to create a fictional world involving travel through time, here are 10+1 rules by which you should try to play." I always liked Bill & Ted's time travel mechanics better than Back to the Future's - not that it made for a better movie of course. I'd like to see a chart comparing the time travel mechanics of well known fiction that features time travel.PermalinkCommentstime-travel movie fiction bttf :: a project of Stay Free! magazine

2009 Apr 22, 10:00Including music that's been otherwise sued out of existence.PermalinkCommentsvideo art politics copyright mp3 ip images law media

Visualisation Magazine vol1

2009 Jan 29, 1:57A magazine in flash with various visualizations from around the web.PermalinkCommentsvia:infosthetics visualization art graphic magazine web MAKE: technology on your time

2008 Dec 30, 1:03"Introducing Make: television, Coming in January 2009: A new national series from MAKE magazine, Twin Cities Public Television, and American Public Television"PermalinkCommentspbs tv make diy community hack via:boingboing

Best Esquire Magazine Stories - Top Articles in History of Journalism - Esquire

2008 Nov 22, 5:59"Five years ago, we named 'Frank Sinatra Has a Cold,' by Gay Talese, the greatest story Esquire ever published. Here, as we close out our 75th anniversary celebration, are the top seven, with several republished online in their entirety for the first time ever."PermalinkCommentsvia:swannman esquire article essay humor

What's New with the Glue Society - Hi-Fructose Magazine

2008 Nov 21, 3:52I like the melted ice cream truck. "Our Australian friends 'The Glue Society', a group of artists, designers and projecteers, have created these amazing series of sculptures and films where they've created chair rainbows on the frozen tundra, a curb-side wrap party, gratuitous nudie pictures for airplanes passing by, a house of crates, and a blow-up doll's vacation paradise."PermalinkCommentsstreetart art prank culture nature photo sculpture ice-cream-truck via:boingboing
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