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Mao RTFM vectorize by ~cmenghi on deviantART

2009 Jun 12, 12:17Propaganda poster styled RTFM.PermalinkCommentshumor tshirt mao rtfm internet art propaganda

Mao (game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2008 Jun 2, 12:57A card game where 'new players are often told only "the only rule you may be told is this one."'. '...the game being a parody of life in the People's Republic of China during the Cultural Revolution, where the laws changed secretly..."PermalinkCommentscard history politics game legal parody - Vintage Chinese Propaganda Posters

2007 Mar 21, 5:18Get a Chinese propaganda poster personalized with your face in place of the face of someone on the poster.PermalinkCommentsart poster propaganda painting vintage humor china chinese

Mario - Communist Edition (from OMG LMAO)

2007 Mar 5, 7:30Flash video depicting Mario in stylized communism form.PermalinkCommentsflash video humor game nintendo mario animation communism neat-fp
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