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Buzz by Mark Pilgrim from Buzz

2010 Mar 11, 3:33"The headers and captions on use an open source font called "Essays 1743." The creator of that font was looking for a tutorial on HTML5, came across my site, and was pleasantly surprised to see his own work on prominent display. He now wants to update his font to include stylistically appropriate Unicode arrows, which I will then use with my captions.

The internet is awesome. It's so wonderfully intertwingled."PermalinkCommentshtml html5 mark-pilgrim font technical

Why do we have an IMG element? [dive into mark]

2009 Nov 3, 1:33'A few hours after that, Tim Berners-Lee responded: I had imagined that figues would be reprented as <a name=fig1 href="fghjkdfghj" REL="EMBED, PRESENT">Figure </a>'. Ohhhh, that would have been better.PermalinkCommentshtml history mark-pilgrim browser web images technical

What Does It All Mean? - Dive Into HTML5

2009 Oct 28, 8:55A walk-through what it takes to upgrade your good HTML4 document into a great HTML5 document. This is part of the stylized Dive Into HTML5 book.PermalinkCommentsreference html html5 technical mark-pilgrim xhtml

Dive Into HTML 5 by Mark Pilgrim with illustrations from the Public Domain

2009 Aug 21, 3:26"Dive Into HTML 5 seeks to elaborate on a hand-picked Selection of features from the HTML 5 specification and other fine Standards. I shall publish Drafts periodically, as time permits." Lovely design.PermalinkCommentsvia:waxy reference programming howto design html5 typography mark-pilgrim html web development technical

GIVE [dive into mark]

2009 Jan 26, 2:12Mark Pilgrim's series of articles and slides from a corresponding talk on video encoding.PermalinkCommentsmark-pilgrim video encoding audio reference codec
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