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2016 Feb 10, 10:20
Internet Archive adds Win3.1 software. â€¦ Ah the memories. Makes me want to edit my win.ini & config.sys

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2015 Sep 17, 7:57
BerenstXin Bears spelling is only indication you're living in the simulation. Recall it w/ e? Your once human memories have been duplicated.

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2015 Apr 13, 7:01
I should have fond memories of GTA IV, but instead it's "Hey cousin, do you want to go bowling?"

mrcslws: Yes! Someone actually noticed! You just flooded me with memories from December 2012 :) (/cc )

2015 Jan 21, 12:40
Marcus Lewis @mrcslws :
@ericlaw Yes! Someone actually noticed! You just flooded me with memories from December 2012 :) (/cc @amfelds)

The Interview ending interpretation

2014 Dec 25, 2:29

As the title suggests, spoilers for The Interview follow.

Towards the end of the movie, after Dave Skylark is shot, he miraculously has a bullet proof vest, blows up Kim Jong-un, finds a random tunnel and is picked up by Seal Team Six. These are the same details of the unbelievable scenario that Dave Skylark describes to Agent Lacey at the beginning of the movie.

This isn't a coincidence. Everything after Dave is shot is his fantasizing about how things should have gone as he dies in the interview chair. Unsurprisingly his fantasy closely matches his original ridiculous thoughts about how he would assassinate and escape.

This is similar to movies like Brazil in which the later fourth of the movie is the main character’s romantic fantasy as he is tortured and killed in real life. Or Total Recall where the end of the movie matches the description of the memories that the main character will have implanted at the beginning.

Its safe to assume that after Dave is killed, Aaron and Sook are captured and also killed.


Dare To Be Stupid | Vinyl Rewind on

2011 Jul 1, 10:04Eric outs himself as a Weird Al fan covering Dare To Be Stupid and I get a mention.

On a related note, have you seen the Perform This Way video from Weird Al's latest album? It took me way too long to realize that wasn't Al's body. Performing this one live is going to make the Fat suit look like a cake walk.PermalinkCommentseric-callero weird-al memories history

2010 Jan 25, 7:47Windows 3.1 done in HTML and Javascript. Memories...PermalinkCommentswindows windows31 humor web microsoft javascript html

Finished First Three Zelda Games

2008 Jul 17, 4:45
Screen shot from Legend of ZeldaScreen shot from Zelda II: The Adventures of LinkScreen shot from Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

I want to once again profess my love for the Wii's Virtual Console. Sarah and I recently finished playing through the first three Zelda games. Although I'd played a bit of the first two I never had a Nintendo as a kid and so unlike Sarah this was my first time completely playing through Zelda I & II. What people say about Zelda II is true... its all so true. And on the flip side I have fond memories of beating the third Zelda game which Sarah hadn't played.

In hilarious Zelda related news, a friend from work's husband posted the following blog post concerning their son named Link.

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Kew Tree Top Walkway by Marks Barfield Architects

2008 Jun 19, 4:07"An elevated walkway through the trees by Marks Barfield Architects has opened at Kew Gardens in London." Brings up memories of so many intricate treehouse drawings as a child.PermalinkCommentsnature london design architecture tree

The Smashed Volkswagon page

2007 Jul 26, 12:44After Chris' VW was smashed he created this page in memory (of memories). Good times...PermalinkCommentschris-shelton bug car poetry prose vw volkswagon
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