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wired: cnet: Mp3 playing retainer transmits music through your...

2012 Jul 3, 2:31



Mp3 playing retainer transmits music through your teeth:

Bone conduction audio, retainers, and shiny hip-hop teeth grills aren’t new inventions, but tech hacker Aisen Caro Chacin had the clever idea to put them all together.

The Play-A-Grill MP3 player prototype fits in your mouth like a retainer, shines on the outside like a precious metal rap grill, and plays music through bone conduction through your teeth.

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Oh man, this would have made puberty just a touch cooler. Maybe. 

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RFC 5854 - The Metalink Download Description Format

2010 Jun 1, 6:46"Metalink describes download locations (mirrors), cryptographic hashes, and other information. Clients can transparently use this information to reliably transfer files."PermalinkCommentstechnical internet download web url xml metalink

Beatallica - Masterful Mystery Tour

2010 May 4, 4:52Mashup of Metallica with Beatles: Beatle's melodies, Metallica style, mix of lyrics.PermalinkCommentsbeatallica metallica beatles music humor mashup

The Metalink Download Description Format

2009 Dec 28, 2:19"This document specifies Metalink, an XML-based download description format. Metalink describes download locations (mirrors), checksums, and other information. Clients can transparently use this information to reliably transfer files."PermalinkCommentsxml download browser web url todo

Metalink/HTTP: Mirrors and Checksums in HTTP Headers

2009 Nov 24, 5:51"Metalink/HTTP describes multiple download locations (mirrors), Peer-to-Peer, checksums, digital signatures, and other information using existing standards for HTTP headers. Clients can transparently use this information to make file transfers more robust and reliable."PermalinkCommentshttp metalink url p2p http-header cache redirect reference technical

Language Log » Google Books: A Metadata Train Wreck

2009 Sep 10, 8:22Geoff Nunberg investigates issues in Google Books and in the comments Google Book's team manager responds in the comments. Apparently metadata is bad everywhere and not an issue new to the Web and user generated content or tagging. Like finding Feynman lectures categorized as Death Metal on Napster back in the day.PermalinkCommentslanguage google library metadata catalog

MAKE: Blog: Metal plates send messages to airport x-ray screeners

2008 Sep 29, 3:07'These metal plates contain messages which will appear when they are X-Rayed.' What an awesome idea. Display messages to your friendly TSA x-ray security folk by cutting the messages into a plate of metal and placing it in your bag.PermalinkCommentshumor security product wishlist tsa airport x-ray

LED Throwies

2008 Apr 24, 12:32Throwies = LED + battery + magnet. Throw onto metal surface. Looks like fun.PermalinkCommentsart graffiti electronics geek howto streetart diy throwies cultural-disobediance

Bill of Rights Security Edition - Gizmodo

2008 Feb 18, 6:09zfrechette: "metal plates printed with the bill of rights. when you go through a metal detector they go off, and your rights are taken away."PermalinkCommentshumor legal politics travel bill-of-rights gizmodo via:zfrechette product

YouTube - Brian Posehn - Metal By Numbers

2007 Jun 22, 11:12Deconstruction of metal songs as a metal music video.PermalinkCommentsbrian-posehn metal-by-numbers video humor music music-video metal
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