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Distributed Extensibility - Dive Into HTML5

2010 May 4, 10:52On HTML5's extensibility: how does microdata work in HTML5?PermalinkCommentsvia:kris.kowal html5 html microformats semanticweb todo technical

Twitter / Mark Pilgrim: Google "rich snippets" add ...

2010 Mar 12, 2:32Google's indexer now examines HTML5 microdata and they provide a tool to test out your pages microdataPermalinkCommentshtml html5 google search microformats metadata rdf technical

The Self-Describing Web

2009 Apr 7, 1:13A sort of vertical cross section of an overview of what the web should look like from HTTP & URIs to GRDDL & RDF. Oh, and there's a pretty graph at the bottom. "This finding describes how document formats, markup conventions, attribute values, and other data formats can be designed to facilitate the deployment of self-describing, Web-grounded Web content."PermalinkCommentsweb w3c xml html http semanticweb microformats xhtml atom grddl rdfa rdf

Yahoo! Search Blog: Yahoo! Chats with Semantic Web Expert, Ben Adida

2008 Sep 16, 3:57Interview with Ben Adida on RDFa: "...RDFa is ready. It has just been approved by the W3C as a Candidate Recommendation, with the specific text of the specification and a brand new Primer published on June 20th. Y!: What can I do with RDFa? BA: You can tell the world what various components on your web page mean by marking up things like: The title of a photo Your name and contact information The license under which you're distributing your latest MP3 The ingredients of a cooking recipe The price of an item A gene on which you recently wrote a paper ... Anything that you want to make more machine-readable"PermalinkCommentsrdf microformats yahoo semantic interview ben-adida semanticweb via:felix42

How YOU Can Make the Web More Structured - ReadWriteWeb

2008 Feb 8, 3:27Tips on adding structured content to your webpages including microformats (ugh).PermalinkCommentssemantic semantic-web web html tips howto microformats

making_coins [Zotero Developer Documentation]

2008 Jan 29, 7:28A standard URI scheme for describing books.PermalinkCommentsmetadata microformats openurl coins uri

suda.co.uk/projects/microformats [Cheat Sheet]

2007 Apr 5, 10:26A microformats cheat sheet.PermalinkCommentsmicroformats pdf reference cheatsheet

XFN 1.1 Creator

2007 Mar 21, 1:41A tool that will create HTML to describe your relationship to another individual.PermalinkCommentsgenerator microformats tools xhtml xfn

Live Clipboard

2006 Nov 28, 5:24The objective of Live Clipboard is to provide a simple and consistent user model to wire-the-web that would assist individuals in creating their own mesh of interconnections, both web-to-web and web-to-PC. Simply stated, the idea is to extend the PC clipPermalinkCommentsxml microformats liveclipboard microsoft ray-ozzie specification reference internet semanticweb


2006 Nov 28, 5:23A quick-fire round up of what’s happened in the microformats world this week; new implementations, major mailing list discussions and microformat-related discussion from the web at large.PermalinkCommentsmicroformats web2.0 semanticweb reference monthly xhtml html blog

Rdf In Html :: Embedded RDF Wiki :: Talis

2006 Nov 28, 5:19This document describes how a subset of RDF can be embedded into XHTML or HTML by using common idioms and attributes. No new elements or attributes have been invented and the usages of the HTML attributes are within normal bounds. This scheme is designedPermalinkCommentsgrddl metadata semanticweb reference xhtml xml rdf microformats

Why Microformats - Introduction to Microformats

2006 Oct 30, 10:34PermalinkCommentsarticle web2.0 microformats semanticweb software standards reference internet web development mf
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