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2016 Sep 2, 8:53
Follow up question: If I'm mistakenly put on an email chain, should I hit "reply all" and link this NYT article? https://twitter.com/belong_io/status/771823316302606337 

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2015 Nov 9, 9:28
Missing planet Vulcan predicted by Newtonian physics+Mercury's orbit. Decades of mistaken Vulcan sightings before GR http://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2015/11/science-doesnt-work-the-way-you-think-it-does/414744/ …

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2015 Mar 2, 1:12
Finished re-watching Galaxy Quest: still awesome. For how long did I mistakenly attribute "Never give up, never surrender" to Toy Story?

Corrections: Squirrel Nut Zippers

2012 Feb 15, 5:11


Staff writer J.O. Rolston’s Jan. 28 feature “Swing Set,” about swing revivalists Squirrel Nut Zippers, was mistakenly written in 2012. He meant to write it in 1997. The Onion regrets the error.”

I like Squirrel Nut Zippers…

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Feds Mistakenly Shut Down Popular Blog For Over A Year (techdirt.com)

2011 Dec 8, 10:57PermalinkCommentstechnical censorship government internet riaa copyright

DSC04581 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

2009 Aug 13, 9:46An awesome health care protest sign. I've made a huge mistake.
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Anecdotes from Work

2008 Sep 23, 2:15

Diveristy in NumbersThe names in the following anecdote have been changed. Except for my name (I'm Dave).

I got a new laptop a while back. I had it in my office and Tim came in to ask me something but paused when he saw my laptop. "Oh, is this one of those new touch screen laptops?" he asked, the whole time moving his hand towards my laptop and punctuating his sentence by pressing his finger to the screen. "No" I responded.

Walking down a hallway I heard Winston, one of our managers, say, "Hey Tim!" Winston catches up to me and asks, "Are you almost done with the XYZ bug?" I realized Winston was talking to me and got my name wrong but I figured I'll ignore it and perhaps he'll realize his mistake. Winston continued "I just talked with some people who say they're blocked and waiting for Tim to finish the XYZ bug." "Dave" I said helpfully attempting to diplomatically correct Winston since he apparently hadn't realized his error. "No, it was Jeremy and Bill." Winston said naming the people he had talked to who were waiting for me to fix the XYZ bug. At this point I decided it would be easier to just answer his question and end the conversation than to get into this whole thing. As far as I know, Winston has not gotten my name wrong at any other time.

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Sarah Palin's Hacked Yahoo Email Account Timeline

2008 Sep 18, 10:05Sarah Palin's Yahoo email addresses were hacked. I agree with the commenter: "I was just about to post how I feel bad for her despite disagreeing with most of her politics. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to attack her (or any politician), but this is clearly personal, not politics. From what I've read, this wasn't even the account she used for those communications she wanted to hide from subpoena, so the vigilante justice angle is BS. This is just plain mean." Although the last sentence of the following made me laugh: "A good samaritan in the /b/ thread reset the password account with the intention of handing it over to Palin, a process known on /b/ as "white knighting". This locked everyone else out of the account. The "white knight" posted a screenshot to /b/ of his pending message to one of Palin's contacts about how to recover the account, but made the critical mistake of not blanking out the new password he set."PermalinkCommentssecurity politics hack privacy government legal email yahoo

Headlines (Page One)

2008 Jun 9, 4:23Humorous mistakes in newspaper headlines. Lots of funny stuff in here.PermalinkCommentshumor news newspaper headlines

clbuttic - Google Search

2008 Feb 25, 10:08That's clbuttic. I totally didn't grok that until I read the WTF article that shows up. FTS: "Cbuttette tape tray broken(thank god for cd's {not good for clbuttic cbuttettes). So ya everyone else post whats wrong with your car. :lol: ..."PermalinkCommentsvia:swannman humor clbuttic error mistake regex
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