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2016 May 13, 3:51
You can use the curser controller just by flicking it 😉 📱

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2016 Jan 7, 2:51
Wow: When is the last time a sitting American president penned an OpEd in the New York Times? Barack Obama just did …

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2016 Jan 1, 10:04
Why do I want to move my blog to HTTPS + optional Onion? Because my Mobile ISP transparently MITMs all HTTP:

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2015 Oct 3, 7:44
Crunching @nytimes ad analysis: It costs consumers 16.6x more in data costs than top 50 news sites make on them in mobile ad$ @BenedictEvans

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2015 Apr 11, 11:12
On "front doors" (lol) and key splitting: "FBI+Apple" is just FBI if Apple must do what FBI says. …

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2015 Mar 14, 10:42
Mobile developers flocked to iOS and Android, but @dontcallmeDOM says the Web is fighting back with new standards. 

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2015 Mar 3, 2:49
browser support? "no clue" "I do not understand the point of this type. Neither do browsers." …

Tweet from David_Risney

2015 Feb 12, 12:03
Collection of mobile 3d printer robots build large structures: … (aka the future)

The decline of the mobile web...

2014 Apr 8, 6:49

The decline of the mobile web

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Newsroom: Miscellaneous: New Online Tool Gives Public Wider Access to Key U.S. Statistics

2012 Jul 28, 2:35

The U.S. Census Bureau today released a new online service that makes key demographic, socio-economic and housing statistics more accessible than ever before. The Census Bureau’s first-ever public Application Programming Interface (API) allows developers to design Web and mobile apps to explore or learn more about America’s changing population and economy.

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(via CCTV Mobile by Banksy)

2011 Dec 14, 7:49

(via CCTV Mobile by Banksy)

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(via Eve’s Wireless, Silent Film About The World’s First Mobile...

2011 Nov 17, 3:48

(via Eve’s Wireless, Silent Film About The World’s First Mobile Phone (1922))

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IE9 on Windows Phone - IEBlog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

2011 Feb 14, 6:57PermalinkCommentswindows ie mobile ie9 technical

Managing the browser viewport in Windows Phone 7 - IE for Windows Phone Team Weblog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

2011 Jan 23, 4:44PermalinkCommentsmobile windows ie wp7 windows-phone-7 blog technical browser html viewport

Word Lens augmented reality app instantly translates whatever you point it at -- Engadget

2010 Dec 17, 6:17
PermalinkCommentsiphone app translation video language phone mobile augmented-reality

Technology Review: Augmented Identity

2010 Feb 23, 10:04Android augmented reality app that does facial recognition and then hovers icons for that person's profiles on various websites.PermalinkCommentsaugmented-reality mobile internet identity android phone technical

Bring On Firefox Mobile For Android | Android Phone Fans

2010 Jan 29, 10:16Talk of Firefox on Android. Sounds good to me!PermalinkCommentsmobile google android firefox web browser technical

Nexus One Phone - Web meets phone.

2010 Jan 5, 2:55Google phonePermalinkCommentsweb google phone android mobile nexus htc

The Google Phone, Unlocked (Confirmed And More Details)

2009 Dec 14, 2:58"But this isn’t just another Android phone. ... It will be branded Google and sold by Google as an unlocked phone, which could change everything."PermalinkCommentsphone mobile google cellphone android

Official Google Blog: Use Google Voice with your existing number

2009 Oct 27, 9:47"We're excited to announce that you now have the choice to get Google Voice with your existing mobile number OR with a Google number." You can use their voicemail features with your existing phone number.PermalinkCommentsvia:connolly google voice phone cellphone voicemail blog
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