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Daria Episodes in good quality.

2012 Jul 3, 2:45


Submission from witchbabie. Thank you a lot!

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areasofmyexpertise: I can’t believe the dumb TED conference...

2012 Mar 5, 8:25


I can’t believe the dumb TED conference made me miss seeing prominent Ragnarok denier Eliott Kalan being sprayed by with seltzer by Jon Stewart. 

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MTV Documentation Home

2008 Oct 29, 9:50MTV's new music video web service's API. The API provides feeds of music videos by artist or search term, list of artists that are 'like' other artists. Things it doesn't do: doesn't provide access to the video files instead provides URI to flash player. Also doesn't provide access to user's favorite videos or other user information.PermalinkCommentsapi video music mtv web feed rss

MTV Music - User's profile

2008 Oct 29, 10:27MTV has tons of music videos online. The service has an API and everything. No more adding music video on YouTube to delicious only to have the video taken down later... hopefully.PermalinkCommentsproldfile music music-video mtv video me

Cute Things Unknowingly Imitating Real Things

2008 Jan 22, 11:24PermalinkCommentsluma super-mario-galaxy cute puppy cat lolcat humor

Tubewad - The Maxx

2007 May 31, 12:54I remember watching this in high school. My friend Lucas really liked the series. I should look into this...PermalinkCommentsanimation comic comics tv video mtv the-maxx maxx
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