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(via Artist repairs vandalized mural with giant QR code (that...

2011 Dec 14, 6:38

(via Artist repairs vandalized mural with giant QR code (that leads back to the pre-defaced artwork) [Street Art])

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Perth's Street Art Meets the Car Park | PSFK

2009 Jan 19, 3:18"Perth street art production group Ololo approached the construction manager of an inner-city skyscraper when they heard he hated the grey walls of the recently built Condor Tower five-storey car park. The three creative friends - Hurben, Shensing and Griv proposed a far more whimsical and creative solution to the bare walls, by allowing the group and their friends to embellish the interior with street art-inspired murals."PermalinkCommentsgraffiti streetart art cultural-disobediance
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