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2015 Nov 18, 7:03
Best. URL. Ever.

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2015 Mar 13, 6:28
If I were a mobster, my nickname would be Conan “Murdered Immediately” O’Brien.

Warning Signs - a photoset on Flickr

2008 Feb 1, 9:47Those warning signs for the future (from the past). I'm actually looking for the article about creating a nuclear warning sign that can survive our society collapsingPermalinkCommentsfuture sign signs warning-sign warning image humor geek nano internet scifi science singularity technology flickr

Fab@Home: 3D objects from your printer for under $2,500: (Ars Technica)

2007 Apr 11, 1:18Article on current 3D printer technology. Reminds me of an April fools article on Ars a while ago about nano-compilers. The future is now!PermalinkCommentsarticle fabrication printer 3d

Clocking and Stocking the NSC1 Pro: The Class 1 Nanite Compiler And You (Ars Technica)

2007 Apr 11, 12:58An old ars technica article about getting the most out of your nano-compiler (April Fools article). I remember reading this in high school.PermalinkCommentshumor nano nanocompiler fabrication article
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