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2016 Feb 11, 6:46
Somebody please make this text based game a reality. https://medium.com/@pistacchio/i-m-a-web-developer-and-i-ve-been-stuck-with-the-simplest-app-for-the-last-10-days-fb5c50917df#.7bbx2ziut … pic.twitter.com/NbcuQukO1T

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2015 Oct 23, 5:51
This looks like something from @TheOnion. It’s from @MSNBC. This really happened. pic.twitter.com/nHQhgKfv3g

I'm an American and I want to watch the Olympics. What do I do? (iamnotaprogrammer.com)

2012 Jul 28, 12:05

One persons quest to watch the Olympics online.

The location requirements (guessed at via IP address) are irritating. The requirement that you have a particular cable subscription to view video online seems like not network neutrality.

Also this related article:


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Conan 2.0 - Fortune Tech

2011 Feb 11, 4:15On the more web aspects and behind the scenes of Conan getting kicked off NBC and returning via TBS and the web.
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msnbc.com: Obama, Republicans spar in Q&A

2010 Jan 29, 10:16PermalinkCommentsvideo politics news obama debate

Don't Be Afraid: Passengers Break into "Hey Jude" During Newark Scare | NBC New York

2010 Jan 5, 5:47Oppresive airport security brings people together! 'A traveling guitarist is becoming viral sensation after leading a group of passengers in a rousing round of the Beatles' classic "Hey Jude" while stuck at Newark airport over the weekend.' Includes videoPermalinkCommentsvideo humor airport security music beatles

DIY Pepsi Challenge

2009 Jan 25, 5:39

Deutsches MuseumMicrosoft isn't completely shielded from our economies issues but I still have a job and still get free soda. While that's all still the case, I decided to test Sarah's claimed ability to differentiate between Pepsi, Coke, and their diet counterparts by taste alone. I poured the four sodas into marked cups and Sarah and I each took two runs through the cups with the following guesses.

Soda Identification Challenge Results
Drink Sarah Dave
Guess 1 Guess 2 Guess 1 Guess 2
Coke Coke Coke Pepsi Diet Pepsi
Diet Coke Diet Coke Diet Pepsi Diet Coke Diet Coke
Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi Coke Coke
Diet Pepsi Diet Pepsi Diet Coke Diet Pepsi Pepsi
Total (out of 8) 6 3

As you can see from the results, Sarah's claimed ability to identify Coke and Pepsi by taste is confirmed. The first run through she got completely correct and on the second run only mistook Diet Pepsi for Diet Coke. Her excuse for the error on the second run was a tainted palate from the first run. I on the other hand was mostly incorrect. Surprisingly though my incorrect answers were mostly consistent between run one and two. For instance I thought Pepsi was Coke in both runs.

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The Roots: The Roots To Be Jimmy Fallon's Band; We Are Old And Sad

2008 Nov 17, 4:20"...he said that The Roots were retiring from touring in order to become the house band for Jimmy Fallon when he takes over Conan O'Brien's late night show next year. But that video was quickly pulled, so everyone has been scrambling to find out whether this apocalyptic... thing is actually true. NBC has no official comment, but we hear that it probably is. Essaywhuman?!!!??! This is one of those things that proves you're getting old."PermalinkCommentsvia:ethan_t_hein tv the-roots music

Update: Why is NBC Flagging Digital TV Programs - and Why is Microsoft Obeying It? | Electronic Frontier Foundation

2008 May 18, 12:15'...he was recording Raleigh's HDTV channel WNCN-DT1 on his Vista machine when a popup stating that "restrictions set by the broadcaster...prohibit recording of this program" appeared.'PermalinkCommentstv vista mce microsoft television video windows nbc via:boingboing

NBC.com - Saturday Night Live - Old Glory Insurance

2008 May 5, 1:45Old Glory Robot Insurance. Now the video straight and legal from NBC. "And now, Sam Waterston for Old Glory Insurance."PermalinkCommentssnl humor video robot robots insurance

Hockey team ensures 'Stephen Colbert Day' - NHL - MSNBC.com

2007 Jan 29, 11:08Stephen Colbert accepts Mayor's bet and wins. Stephen Colbert Day now declared in that town on the Mayor's birthday. How does the Mayor like the taste of the Truth?PermalinkCommentsarticle humor stephen-colbert colbert hockey eagle birthday
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