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DishMaker (leonardo bonanni ยป Posts)

2007 Mar 9, 1:54An invention that creates and recycles dishes for you.PermalinkCommentsfabrication food design art neat-fp tool video

Medieval Cookery

2007 Mar 6, 12:38Online cookbook of medieval recipes.PermalinkCommentsfood history reference recipes medieval cooking neat-fp

Desktop Tower Defense

2007 Mar 5, 9:18Addictive game where you set up towers to try and stop invading bugs.PermalinkCommentsflash game free neat-fp

Mario - Communist Edition (from OMG LMAO)

2007 Mar 5, 7:30Flash video depicting Mario in stylized communism form.PermalinkCommentsflash video humor game nintendo mario animation communism neat-fp

retrievr - search by sketch / search by image

2007 Feb 26, 12:13Search for pictures by drawing you own or entering the URL of an image. The tool will find images that look similar.PermalinkCommentsretrievr flickr search images tool neat-fp

Gaius Baltar: Not My President

2007 Feb 25, 11:58Shirt with a picture of Gaius Baltar (from Battlestar Galactica) reading "Not My President"PermalinkCommentshumor shirt merch baltar bsg battlestar politics neat-fp

Dane Cook Parlays New Burger King Menu Item Into Hour-Long HBO Special | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

2007 Feb 23, 12:25Humorous article mocking Dane CookPermalinkCommentshumor comedy satire onion dane-cook article neat-fp

Steampunk Keyboard Mod

2007 Feb 22, 7:07What a keyboard would have looked like a century ago.PermalinkCommentsart computer hack hardware keyboard cool steampunk neat-fp

Add music and movies to your iPod from any computer without iTunes - Lifehacker

2007 Feb 20, 3:02An article on syncing music and video to and from your iPod on any computer using a non-iTunes application.PermalinkCommentsipod itunes software music howto mp3 lifehacker blog article neat-fp

fastr - a flickr game

2007 Feb 20, 2:08Game where you're shown photos from flickr and guess what other people tagged the photo.PermalinkCommentsmashup photography flickr games game tag tagging words folksonomy neat-fp

IEBlog : IPv6 URIs in IE7

2007 Feb 20, 12:32My IE blog post on IPv6 URI support in IE7.PermalinkCommentsie ie7 blog ipv6 ip uri browser reference me neat-fp
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