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Microsoft Surface: a gentle kick in the teeth of the OEMs | Ars Technica

2012 Jun 25, 12:59

But if Surface is aimed at the OEMs—telling them “we can do this just as well as you can, if we have to”—and setting them a challenge—”your tablets have to be at least this good”—then the limited availability isn’t necessarily such a big deal. As long as the OEMs heed the warning and raise their game, so that Redmond can be assured that bad hardware won’t jeopardized Windows 8’s success, Microsoft could safely keep Surface operating as a small-scale operation, playing the Nexus role without upsetting the PC market.

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Nexus One Phone - Web meets phone.

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Liveblog: Google Android Press Event

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Nexus :: Dave Risney

2008 Apr 3, 10:38Produces a cool interactive graph of your friends on Facebook.PermalinkCommentsfacebook nexus graph foaf me via:ethan_t_hein
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