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Main Page - NSIS

2006 Dec 13, 10:47This is Nullsoft's free tool for generating installers. Its easy to use and does all of the things I want an installer to do.PermalinkCommentsnullsoft development installer install windows tool tools free programming script software

Encode-O-Matic Update

2006 Dec 3, 12:28I've updated Encode-O-Matic again. This is a tool I'm working on to convert between various Internet related encodings such as character sets, HTML encoding, URI encoding, base64, and IDN. In this update I've put it all into an installer. I'm using Nullsoft's installer generator to produce the installer. I've added a Base Conversion converter to convert between arbitrary bases and a Reverse converter that reverses the input by character, byte, or strings with arbitrary delimiters.PermalinkCommentsinstaller encodeomatic project charset nullsoft encoding
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