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Composing the Semantic Web: Units ontology with SPIN support published

2009 Sep 1, 4:25"Each unit has a stable URI, making it possible to link to it from your own domain models in a reliable way. For each unit, the ontology defines some useful metadata including abbreviation, a link to DBpedia and a categorization of units into groups, such as length units."PermalinkCommentssemanticweb via:connolly web unit conversion uri technical

LibraryThing: A Social Cataloging Web Site Webcast (Library of Congress)

2007 Nov 15, 4:12Tim Spalding founder of LibraryThing gives a talk to the Library of Congress folks about his website LibraryThing. Focus on tagging vs taxonomy. Some humorous things in the talk as well.PermalinkCommentslibrary-of-congress library librarything books tagging video ontology tim-spalding taxonomy

Bokardo - The Del.icio.us Lesson

2007 Aug 15, 3:16Reasons why del.icio.us style tagging is different and better than things that have come before it.PermalinkCommentsarticle blog business taxonomy tagging delicious folksonomy reference tag ontology

Very Small Objects

2007 Jun 5, 3:09Database of very small objects found in basements, under decks, in couch, etc. The objects are added to the database with dimensions, photo, and name given by fun naming system. Database as art.PermalinkCommentsart humor taxonomy database community language ontology classification

WordNet - Princeton University Cognitive Science Laboratory

2007 Apr 19, 3:41"WordNet is a large lexical database of English... Nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are grouped into sets of cognitive synonyms (synsets), each expressing a distinct concept...The resulting network of meaningfully related words and concepts can be navPermalinkCommentsalgorithm collections etymology dictionary visualization xml language ontology tool free


2007 Apr 19, 3:35Interesting projects related to maps of physical space and the semantic web.PermalinkCommentsarchitecture data map ontology rdf place semanticweb tag wifi xml space research

Vizicious Search

2007 Apr 8, 9:27This is a search shortcut for Vizicious my delicious heirarchy visualization tool.PermalinkCommentsshortcut: delicious tool personal tag tagging ontology folksonomy

del.icio.us categorizer

2007 Apr 8, 8:56My delicious account has been queued for analysis so I haven't tried it yet. But it sure sounds like my vizicious tool.PermalinkCommentsdelicious tool folksonomy ontology tagging

HTTP Vocabulary in RDF

2007 Mar 15, 11:59An RDF vocab for describing HTTP. Eric should really be using this in Fiddler...PermalinkCommentshttp ontology rdf semanticweb xml

Library clips

2007 Feb 13, 9:51A blog written by a librarian talking about ontology, blogging, tagging, and any other Web2.0 nonsense they like.PermalinkCommentsblog monthly folksonomy information library metadata ontology tag tagging web

Stefano's Linotype ~ Folksologies: de-idealizing ontologies

2007 Feb 12, 5:20Another article on folksonomy, tagging, and ontologies found via Sir TBL's article.PermalinkCommentsarticle blog essay folksonomy information language metadata ontology social tag tagging semanticweb

Tag Ontology Writeup

2007 Feb 12, 5:19Article on Tag Ontologys. Found via Sir TBL's tag article.PermalinkCommentsarticle blog foaf folksonomy ontology rdf reference semanticweb tag tagging

Using labels to give semantics to tags - Design Issues

2007 Feb 12, 2:17Tim Berners Lee thoughts on tagsPermalinkCommentssemanticweb tagging ontology tim-berners-lee article

Explaining and Showing Broad and Narrow Folksonomies :: Personal InfoCloud

2007 Feb 2, 3:47Article defining classes of folksonomies. Sounds like someone's trying to create an ontology for folksonomies tsk tskPermalinkCommentsfolksonomy tag analysis article blog ontology read

W3C Semantic Web

2005 Nov 30, 3:49PermalinkCommentsinternet semanticweb w3c reference ontology xml rdf

OWL Web Ontology Language Overview

2005 Nov 30, 3:42PermalinkCommentsinternet ontology reference w3c development

Shirky: Ontology is Overrated -- Categories, Links, and Tags

2005 Nov 30, 3:35Clay Shirky writes about why ontologies are overrated. I don't agree with everything but Clay brings up some interesting ideas.PermalinkCommentsblog development internet reference ontology
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