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Tessnet2 a .NET 2.0 Open Source OCR assembly using Tesseract engine

2010 Dec 7, 12:10PermalinkCommentsopen-source opensource ocr library .net csharp programming technical

Map/Reduce Tutorial

2009 Oct 6, 3:24The map/reduce tutorial for Hadoop the Apache open source project. "Hadoop Map/Reduce is a software framework for easily writing applications which process vast amounts of data (multi-terabyte data-sets) in-parallel on large clusters (thousands of nodes) of commodity hardware in a reliable, fault-tolerant manner."PermalinkCommentshadoop mapreduce java software programming opensource database distributed google yahoo apache technical todo

mimesniff - Project Hosting on Google Code

2009 Sep 30, 5:16Open source implementation of the mime sniffing standard that fell out of HTML5.PermalinkCommentshtml5 mime mime-sniffing mimetype opensource open-source technical library google

Code Rush - Mozilla documentary (PCR | Click Movement)

2009 Jul 10, 7:37"Code Rush aired nationally on PBS in March 2000. It documents the Mozilla team as they struggle to publish the first open source release of the Netscape Browser."PermalinkCommentsvideo mozilla browser browser-war internet opensource documentary free download web technical

zxing - Google Code

2009 Apr 14, 4:17Open source Java barcode reading library used in an Android app. The app lets you take a photo of a QR code and navigate to the URL inside (among other things).PermalinkCommentszxing barcode qrcode qr google android mobile opensource api java library

Text ads in open source code will add millions in funding to OSS movement -

2009 Apr 1, 9:26"Open source code will contain text ads in comments and variable names, and Google and other text ad companies will scan the open source code repositories and fund the projects based on what they find in the code"PermalinkCommentshumor opensource advertising code

XSPF: XML Shareable Playlist Format: Home

2009 Mar 10, 11:31"XSPF is the XML format for sharing playlists." Supported by the Yahoo! Media Player.PermalinkCommentsreference internet xml playlist music opensource

The igraph library for complex network research

2008 Nov 5, 3:55A graphing library which includes variaous graph visualization algorithms. GNU licensed. "igraph is a free software package for creating and manipulating undirected and directed graphs. It includes implementations for classic graph theory problems like minimum spanning trees and network flow, and also implements algorithms for some recent network analysis methods, like community structure search."PermalinkCommentsreference free development programming visualization graph math library opensource c++ igraph graphviz via:mattb

obstcp - Google Code

2008 Oct 14, 11:14Similar in concept to the Pirate Bay suggestion of encrypting all TCP/IP connections if both server and client support it: "Obfuscated TCP is a transport layer protocol that adds opportunistic encryption. It's designed to hamper and detect large-scale wiretapping and corruption of TCP traffic on the Internet."PermalinkCommentsinternet tcp encryption security google privacy opensource cryptography network ssl

ANTLRWorks: The ANTLR GUI Development Environment

2008 Oct 2, 9:37Cool graphical ANTLR IDE! They didn't have this the last time I used ANTLR. "ANTLRWorks is a novel grammar development environment for ANTLR v3 grammars written by Jean Bovet (with suggested use cases from Terence Parr). It combines an excellent grammar-aware editor with an interpreter for rapid prototyping and a language-agnostic debugger for isolating grammar errors. ANTLRWorks helps eliminate grammar nondeterminisms, one of the most difficult problems for beginners and experts alike, by highlighting nondeterministic paths in the syntax diagram associated with a grammar."PermalinkCommentsantlr ide graph grammar tool free download development opensource java

ANTLR Cheat Sheet - ANTLR 3 - ANTLR Project

2008 Oct 2, 9:26Cheat sheet on ANTLR's syntax. ANTLR's another language parser generator.PermalinkCommentsantlr cheat parser language grammar opensource java software syntax quickreference


2008 Jul 29, 2:40"The Home of the Internet-enabled Home. We are an Open Community in the Home Automation and Domotics space. We believe an Open Source approach can revolutionize the way people create, install, and maintain software in the industry."PermalinkCommentshardware java opensource remote software home automation

Paint.NET - Free Software for Digital Photo Editing

2008 May 5, 11:45Free OpenSource C# paint program replacement with many more features than paint.exe =)PermalinkCommentswindows photo art microsoft csharp .net opensource development free paint

Welcome to OpenID Enabled!

2008 Apr 7, 2:55"The PHP OpenID library lets you enable OpenID authentication on sites built using PHP."PermalinkCommentsphp openid development opensource identity authentication api software server library

Vector Converter | Installation notes

2008 Mar 8, 11:14Perhaps an IE plugin to support SVG by converting to VML could use this?PermalinkCommentssvg vml image convert gif vector opensource ZPlet: A Z-Machine for Java

2008 Feb 25, 2:09PermalinkCommentsdevelopment if interactive-fiction java opensource

Wget for Windows

2008 Feb 2, 12:19Another essential for setting up a new computer.PermalinkCommentswget download opensource gnu windows tool free internet setupnewcomputer

download : vim online

2008 Jan 16, 2:48The place to download GVIM.PermalinkCommentsvim gvim windows install download free opensource pc software tool tools setupnewcomputer

OpenAerialMap Is Ready For Your Data

2007 Dec 7, 9:45FTA: "OpenAerialMap is a site for collecting, hosting, and mapping freely available aerial imagery. "PermalinkCommentsaerial geo map opensource photography social data via:felix42

SIMILE | Timeplot

2007 Dec 3, 10:41An AJAX library for plotting timepoints on a graph.PermalinkCommentsajax graph javascript mit open-source opensource html datetime timeline time api chart
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