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2017 Jan 27, 11:00
Orwell's here and now, he's living large. We have no names, man, no names. We are nameless. Can I score a fry? Thanks.

Catalog | Stickers | Sticker #213: Orwell was Right | Microcosm Publishing

2008 Jun 9, 11:34Sticker depicting two CC camers with the text 'Orwell was Right' under.PermalinkCommentssticker orwell purchase shirt product camera privacy

Doublespeak and the War on Terror

2006 Nov 27, 12:46Exec Summary: ... Since some high-ranking government officials and pundits are now referring to the war on terror as the “Long War” or “World War III,” because its duration is not clear, now is an appropriate time to take a few steps back andPermalinkCommentsdoublespeak orwell orwellian government politics propaganda

George Orwell: New Words

2006 Oct 3, 6:59George Orwell on our changing languages (1940)PermalinkCommentsgeorge-orwell new-words word language english essay read
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